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Extensive freelance classical and retro videogame music composer, hireable for projects. Will work for free if the project appeals.

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EGEO 07 : Yscek.

2014-10-28 19:02:57 by Calamaistr

The morning sun was just rising arcing its first ray of clarity upon the City giving back its tints of white and grey.
Its rough stone street painted additionally with thin lines of red and black, the blood and spill of the miror acer contact awaiting discovery by the waking people.
But then came back a wildered stature past the patio where Agraxat had just finished her conversation with her now familiar Asfalen.
It stopped right then and there and moved its head heaving like a battlebeast, it towered over Agraxat twice ..perhaps thrice in size..
Now clearly visible as the sunrays started to move themselves further into the City, it was a giant wielding a three sided warhammer, its face hidden by a rusty helmet of scrap.

Agraxat carefully aimed her gauntleted crossbow toward the immense creaturer.. and moved deeper into the patio where the light did not yet reach.

Loudly the giant's voice rumbled as it walked into the patio aswell..
A womans voice..

"Wait!" Agraxat yelled from the darkened corner.. "You're not ..berserk.. are you?"

The giantess halted her approach turned toward the corner, then settled her warhammer to the ground.
"Im looking for a man" she spoke as she wiped the sweat from her shoulders..then took off her helmet.
"You dont look like a man"

Agraxat still buried herself in the dark afraid of the possibility that this giantess was responsible for her contact's extreme death..

"Im looking for a man called Glasa" The giantess continued. "If you know him you will tell me"

"what happens if i cant tell you anything?" Agraxat replied."Did you kill the man in the streets for it? "

The giantess threw back her messy hair then walked back into the now day lit street "He drew swords first"

"You're walking around with a unsheathed weapon" Agraxat answerred sarcasticly "Im not sure what you consider drawing"

The giantess walked back into the patio and raised her voice.. "what we consider drawing".."Is what Glasa did to us"

"Tell me about this Glasa" Agraxat emediately followed as her curiosity now took hold.

"My ancestors.." The giantess started.. "They would tell only stories of a history of fear" "We are all proud warriors, you are small and hiding where the sun cannot reach"
"we are not meant to fear.. we walk in the light, we kill beasts a hundred times larger than your highest man.. but we also had a treaty with the City.."
The giantess sighed and paused for a moment.. her face showed sadness.. "We would stay out of this ..City ..and you small men would allow peace in our fields.. this was the treaty"

"Yet you are here in the city.." Agraxat remarked..

"Yes.. " The giantess sighed oncemore.. "I am Yscek' a proud warrior of the field" "I will no longer hear the stories of our ancestors in fear.. "

"What fear?.." interrupted agraxat as she left the dark of the patio hoping to win the giantess'es trust. "Glasa?"

Yscek seemed to appreciate agraxat's showing respect toward her and gladfully lectured her.
"Glasa is feared by all of my people, our anscestors did great battle with him, he was of your kind.. a small man.. mighty.. he killed so many of my people"

"But how" said agraxat.. "arent you all.. well.. giants?" .."and.. warriors?"

"Yes..yes.." Yscek groaned in shame.. "Great warriors.. but Glasa spoke to the light and the light betrayed my anscestors" "these are their stories" "And since then no warrior has been in the field.."
"we now..." "get weaker every day"

For a moment Yscek looked as if she could snap back and go on another killing spree, as anger boiled but she then turned to Agraxat..
"You are friendly for a small man's child..  but i must go deeper into the City and find Glasa, i will destroy this ghost.. as i am the only warrior of the field left to lift the shame of my anscestors"
"Anscestors said.. Glasa house is west" "City is west"

"wait!!" Agraxat called out just as Yscek started walking..  "you could travel with 'me.."

"While i look for my target"..

"We might come across yours!!"

Agraxat continued running..


"Theres more west.. from here.. but to be sure.."

"why?" Yscek spoke as Agraxat had caught up to her..

Agraxat moved in front of Yscek looked up straight into her eyes.. "Because im good at locating people, its kind of what i do"
"What does he look like?"

Now Agraxat had somewhat allied herself with the mighty giantess Yscek from the fields east of the City, She had described Glasa from passed over tales of her anscestors to be recogniced as "the zebra".. someone with black and white stripes. On another note; still unbeknownst to Yscek followed Agraxat's familiar Asfalen as her shadow.
Atleast Agraxat could now prevent more people getting killed in the streets.. and perhaps she could help Yscek to calm down with her quest..
Regardless of their alliance relations Agraxat still pondered on why her 'contact had met his end by Yscek's hands, was Miror acer in any way connected to Glasa? Was her job's trail now cold, and how long would it take untill Telemann recieved word of the situation?.

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