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Extensive freelance classical and retro videogame music composer, hireable for projects. Will work for free if the project appeals.

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GENRE: Hybrid classical - electronic/retro. (no emphasis)

Creating a new world, since im pretty much done with The timecrafter series (yeah i never wrote down how it ends, but i might someday suddenly get the right inspiration to compose that ending tune it stlil requires).

This one is set in a fictional city, havent thought of a name yet.

I wrote only the first episode of the story so far, although i already also wrote the plot of the story and characters that arent in the first episode yet.

We will see how it goes.

Something i should add, in TTC i made the mistake of having way too many characters, perhaps even more than game of thrones has, a wild guess would be around 4 maybe even 500 total that i have full documentation on. Afterall this story has spanned over 13 years in the making. That i chose to make a soundtrack on it was because i have always had ideas to animate the story, and since im not a coder nor a animator, music was my only tool to do so.

This mistake i wont make again in Egeo, there will be around or slightly more about 15 characters total, of wich only 8-10 are to be considered important. Even though i cant say TTC was easy to understand and its story was very mutli facetted and a puzzle to comprehend.. i wont go easy on Egeo either, i myself already know the plot and all the twists and i can so far say that this will blow you away if you take the time to give it your attention.

So thats enough about Egeo for now.


Anyway, to those that cannot wait for the conclusion and have followed the TTC story line here is the true ending:

[ttc plot spoiler]  In his last efforts Evrae has thrown his trident spear toward Aenimcea in the temple but misses him. Aenimcea responds with casting fire upon Evrae that because of his mortality due to losing his vim lavos curse to Sidel' burns a hole right through him, it is then that Aenimcea realises Evrae's spear was not meant for 'him but for the Denimus beside him wich thus has been killed.


Lone finally returns to the battlefield and walks past all the destruction and death, all the way into the temple where he sits down beside Aenimcea, afterall technically his enemy was Sam somam. Aenimcea asks Lone if he feels just for having killed his enemy, Lone responds with what Somam has told him "The true evils of a universe that eats itself are those who witness it"

Perhaps Somam had meant to insult the 'roamers' directly, but lone had interpeted these words differently..

For the last scene of the TTC storyline is Somam sitting in the grass in Hura.. back home..

Lone has cut clean, but not at his neck...

Now Somam realises that Lone has not chosen to kill him physically but undid his conviction that his story had a purpose, afterall.. who will mind it if Lone .. the one that has been tormented most by it does not acknowledge it.

Somam had wanted to be a martyr so that his story would have a end and become a legend, but Lone has not given him that purpose. Thus, Lone did not kill somam himself indeed, but killed everything Somam had done in its purpose.

Lone accepts he has no future on Edin, nor on Hura.. since he is from neither world, that is why he sits besides his percieved foe, a brother as a roamer. Aenimcea has lost his only chance to connect all worlds, therefore neither of them will be able to call upon the Denimus flock.  Lone and Aenimcea technically become the darkness that has gone before them through Sidel. For they will not retrieve their souls eaten by them (Denimus), and will simply have to live with eachother till their mortal end. They accept their fated place in the universe, wich is technically what TTC was about. Something Somam could not. And will not, as in the last scene Somam throws himself off the cliffs before the farsight of Dam, adressing his mentor Dimudu to have been right..

( From TTC DOMUS [3] :

"You have gone mad Somam" Dimudu sighed "curse your deranged worship.. it is a miracle of our time allright, a time that should not have existed if it werent for that very contraption"

"You are wrong, an old man stuck in the past" Somam pouted "so thats it, this world isnt real to you, and now you want to destroy it?" and turned to the gates, opening just for him. "To us however, there is a future"

-- )

Now the last question perhaps to remain unanswerred: How did Somam get back to Hura if the last Denimus was destroyed at the temple, well..

Remember the Denimus that lone appeared from to begin with in the story, wich is referred to in TTC - Ch Genero [1] The first book of TTC; the location of it has never been specified, except for that it was in the mountain range of Kenai, wich is relatively close on the map to Somam's last location in the swamp of owls (previously desert of owls).

Only one person knew of this location wich was Somam, afterall Lone was the person that he practically made the protagonist of his fabricated history. Lone himself was too young to remember anything about it as he was born there and emediately adopted by King Istus of Edin. Somam has followed Lone since he worked together with Huban in Hura, dont forget Huban was concerned with Kauregal's (TTC Domus) work. If anyone had research on the matter it was him, and Somam took notes. It is no coincedence that in TTC Hybrid [2] the pagoda was build right next to it, and Lone's energy appeared during Evrae's fight with Kauregal.

So that concludes it.

Hope you enjoyed the ending of the TTC quintology.

[ttc plot spoiler end]



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