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Extensive freelance classical and retro videogame music composer, currently not hireable for projects.

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EGEO 16 : Umbra.

2014-11-20 06:28:22 by Calamaistr

Due to character limit being ridiculously limited i am forced to post the storyline to EGEO partially in newsposts.

They had raced the bog, as fast as they could.. out of breath.. out of any energy they had mustered in panic..
Telemann was in severe danger as he could be right on top of the malice of Glasa... and.. Asfalen..

It stood right in front of them just as they exitted the bog..

"Its.. you" Agraxat groaned almost throwing up..

"No.." Asfalen spoke eerily calmly.. "Only part of me.. and only part of him"

"What the hell do you mean.." she crawled on her last strenght falling toward Asfalen himself.. Yscek would try to protect her but had no more strenght either after the mad race from the temple to Idium stella.

"There was a boy who survived the zebra" Asfalen continued holding her tightly with no ill intent..
"He is ill now too" "And thus so am i"

"I no longer understand.. you tried to kill me.." "you tried to love me..." "You tried to kill Yscek.." "You tried to kill Telemann.."

"I often tried to keep you away from myself, and his other.." "I was never strong enough.."
"You need to know something.. but ...i am out of time.." "I want you to ask him yourself.. he is sitting in the cell.."

Agraxat could no longer wait.. Since Soco's explanation she had expected Telemann to have been dead by now.. and yet he who she had expected to kill him.. ..confused... so confused.. she could not think.. she could only run to the cell"

Asfalen had been right.. Telemann sat just there.. breathing.. he was alive.. but why?


Asfalen took a torch and held it to himself.. "I must"

Yscek understood even less as Asfalen right in front of her burned. ..his smoke evaporating ..toward the moonlight.
"You die?"  was all she could think of to say..

Asfalen smiled.. visibly.. "Yes..., im ..sorry.."


"Are you allright.. are you allright" Agraxat held Telemann up, moving him out of the cell and fell over him.. there they layed on the ground.. Asfalen's deathly fog rising..

"Why cant anything make sense"


"why did he just.. go like that.."


"Agraxat.. i've missed you so.." Telemann said as he faced her. "I couldnt tell you, i had to get you as far as possible, .. i suppose i failed.. in a sense.. but also managed ..."
"I must.. tell you the truth now.." He explained, now finally all would be known, as he sat up slightly holding her.

"I had never expected my..guild would be succesful in crumbling..his.." "I am... the true leader of miror acer"
"But it started.. long.. long ago"


"THE KING, THE KING IS MAD" ... it were the first words i can still vividly remember.. it sounded so much like dead... but was much worse..
Everyone ran in every direction aimless.. i was used to it having been dead.. every other king only lived for a few days..
What the hell had happened in our kingdom.. Cott .. the first mad king; the zebra.. had died, and everyone who succeeded him went mad right after.

I never really realised i was the last man standing...  the caller of bad news.. he killed himself right in front of me..
And there it was.. a perfectly round cobble the size of a fist on the ground, a jewel.. but i had nowhere to go.. there was.. only the dead in the castle.. I truly was the last man standing..
It took me a few days to clean it up.. but the food ran out.  I then took the cobble into the city, did not realise yet what it was, the cause of it all.. but every step i took i forgot i was going to sell it for food.. i started to think of one thing only.. revenge against the Giants..
I created a guild of powerful hatred materialised.. something you could call..magic.. but something of me survived.. with every bit of willpower i had i managed to sometimes snap out of it even if just for a few hours..
Perhaps the cobble had worn off from all the madness in Idium stella..

I was once the incarnate of the hatred against the giants.. hundreds of years ago.. and with the sword above my head in its guilt.. i created my own demise in one of my most serene moments..
I created Miror acer, a guild that would not respond to divine nobility, but for coin alone. The perfect contraption to ensure regardless of my power i would have to be thwarted at one point.

But that day i walked out in anticipation of death, sure that i had finally managed to end the reign of the cobble's spell.. I met you.. Agraxat.. and i was .. myself.. and i fell in love.

However i also knew that the other me would do everything in its power to kill you.. its sworn enemy.. you afterall only existed as miror acer.. to kill me.

When you were given the final contract on my life.. i knew the day had finally come.. and i let you go to the contact hoping you would soon return to slay ..the other me"

..I lost control... it took me over regardless.. perhaps it knew i had plotted against it..  It conjured a stalker to kill you before you could possibly kill me.. but neither of us had forseen Yscek...
Had it not been for her.. the stalker had surely thwarted my plan..  my other self however could not have forseen the stalker would retain even a part of me either..
Funny how he was always my sword yet above my own head.
Perhaps.. it was stupid luck.. or a blessing of Orbis..  When you had returned i was so far gone.. i still tried to warn you.. i tried to explain Miror acer but.. ..
My other self.. must have released the stalker after you left oncemore.. but it returned and managed to overcome me.. its why i ended up in this cell instead..
A Blessing of Orbis it must have been..

In a sense.. i have used you.. and i am so terribly sorry for it.. if i had not been in the position i was in.. if things had been different..

The stalker protected my possession by the cobble's curse.."

"Glasa" Agraxat sighed..

"Oh yes.. that name resonates within me still.." Telemann continued.. sober. "But there is still time .. still more.."

~"You can finish the contract my sweet Agraxat".. "And take solace in a normal life.. even your friend..Yscek"

"I cannot truly be with you either way..without endangering you further.." "Please"

The moment seemed to be eternal as they looked in eachothers eyes.. it truly made sense now...
Yscek stood paralysed with mouth opened.. she was right in front of the very man that was Glasa itself.. the Glasa that had murdered so many of her people.. crushed her people's spirits...
And yet she could not make herself hate him..  He afterall.. had lead them to him in hopes of their vengeance.
She could not give him vengeance.. she was not like Glasa.. she was...Yscek..  proud warrioress of the east fields.. she thought while tears rolled down her cheek by the event in front of her.

"I .." .. Agraxat was conflicted if she hated or loved Telemann for this.. afterall if not for his.. game of cards against Glasa's influence over him.. she had not been in miror acer.. it would not even have existed..
And yet she somehow felt proud to have been part of it.. the real Telemann.. the real him.. was still worth it..

A fierce thuck pushed her elbow onto her stomach...  as she kept gazing in her love's eyes.

She had fired her gauntleted bow.. right into his heart.

"Love you".

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