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UPDATED 14-2-22


It is NOT a vaccine.

It will kill you if not maim you.

All the people I have worked with, I beg you to heed my warning. Those who have mocked me and refuse to listen, you will curse yourself for making the mistake.. i will not wish upon you.

Believe in an "invisible enemy" all you want, Virusses are not the cause of Illness but the aftermath, oxidation is the cause of toxification. When your body ousts the oxidation by either a natural seasonal detox or detox therapy (such as helped by fytotherapeutics) or the workings of the immune system, perhaps strenghtened with intravascular Vitamin C or Hydrochloroquine (delivery agent, not medicine itself) with Z(zinc)pack.. in the aftermath your cells excrete what is misdiagnosed to be virusses (a body's own soap!) to flush out residue. In fact this happens all the time to a degree shown as exosome activity, communication with all sorts of bacteria (the sum of which make up your immune system). Ivermectine in particular is a treatment against parasites, that can find a nutricious biome in a oxidated system, which is why it aids to get people (somewhat) better. for the remainder.. the ruse is to "cure' the workings of the immune system!

There is no "virus" behind a "pandemic". The very thing the rockefeller industry that grew into the alopathic monopoly has presented as cures, is your poison.

HEED this, for Godsake.

Or suffer the consequences.

And stop wearing 2.5% oxygen level lowering slavemasks that increase your co² levels and cause severe irrepairible organ damage, aside from obstructing the natural learning of infants to recognice and communicate facially.

It is literally criminal, child abuse to put such an object on a child. For the remainder suit yourself if you rather not think logically.

If you still do not understand, take some time to watch this through;



And terrain science vs germ theory for beginners: https://www.bitchute.com/video/T0PTFfWSCd1U/

Or read the following books:

-What really makes you ill.

-The contagion myth.

-The invisible rainbow on electricity and life.

And if this isn't enough, ask yourself why all measures you supposedly 'must' take against a "virus" are not effective against even the proposed and contemporary idea of a "virus"? Instead are causing illness themselves; facemasks=oxygen deprivation 2.5% causing organ damage and pnemonia due to petridish effect. On the box of every facemask it says that it cannot be used against "coronaviusses" and yet you walk around with one?! So called lockdowns are admitted even by the WHO to be inneffective to begin with. Stop aiding your own destruction, and if you haven't taken any jabs yet.. DONT. NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCE. Instead strive for self-sufficiency in every regard, everytime something is "taken" (which you should'nt have given) become self sufficient in it.

Follow this man on bchute, inform yourself.


update 14-2-22

His latest work: Terrain (documentairy)


update 14-5-22

Calamaistr now also on Bitchute:




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