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Funnily i liked the last bit most cause the humor was so good, especially the eye for detail when the victory fanfare played at the end of sephiroth being killed by the tree lol. Wasn't too happy with the porno section(s) cause ive been doing long (already yearlong) rehab from porn addiction and yeah thats actually very screwed up cause it abuses a natural physical thing and makes it into a dopamine addiction. Shouldve been a warning for that. -Cal.

Fantishow responds:

So you just clicked through the warning that said, “there’s going to be excessive nudity in this” and didn’t expect there to be excessive nudity in this?

that end cut hahaha

After this movie i didnt stare at the sun for 25 years because i was afraid to get super powers, thanks alot.. man..

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Im only in the 2nd phase of the game and already favorited it. Also the atmospheric splendor created by mark sparling is inspiring as much as the intelligent thought behind the gameplay is. Why are your games not on console yet! -cal.

Please make a punch hillary clinton version.

Oh screw this, spent literally a whole hour trying to be an honest man to this gardening girl and working my ass off everywhere and then i became a depressed reclusive making flash movies with humor to buy jewelry so i had a chance, so i have her in the red and i think wow maybe i can get a girlfriend here and select one wrong opening sentence and my whole health bar is gone and its a failure. I dont even want a girlfriend anymore now, not even irl, this game is depressing and makes you hate women. -cal

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Cant stand some of the plugins but i really like the composition so its worth some stars.

There is too much ...out of order with this song. The volumes are all static to my ear, the plugin used may be decent.. but the composition is rather generic.. then again i used to make music like this too when i was 19 years old or something sitting in an empty house with just a tracker console. That brings me to the disbelief why a piece like this is rated in the best of the month.. Look, i understand this negative review will come as insulting, i would take it as an insult when someone said this about my work but i guarantee that in a few years youll agree with me. Work on the volume levels of seperate notes, try not to use the first progression that comes up in your mind.. that makes pieces sound bland.. everyone has heard it a million times before. I hope you take this as a well meant wake up call to become better than you are, we should never be satisfied. -Cal.

original progression, original not boring melody lines, authenticness. yeah you won this one legit. :)

Fretzone responds:

Thanks man :) I was really going for something authentic but original , I'm really happy you liked it

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Very vibrant fire, deserves more high scores. ;)

LordDiesel responds:

Thanks a lot man c:

Holy hell, i really love the vectoresque style in this. Emitts such power. Really impressive composition. :)

LordDiesel responds:

thank you so much!

Im jelly i cant make this awesomeness.

Extensive freelance classical and retro videogame music composer, currently retired from the internet.

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composing and things

when i was still a little cal


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