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Oy .. this one is really hard to read for me. Theres some nice choices of sound, the snare thwack is pretty slashy, some little blip details are just noticable and add some pleasant subtleness. I think what this track truly misses for me is imagery. I feel like it was either made with something specific in mind or for something specific. Its hard to read state is what lowers it for me. But alltogether, the piece itself i cant critisize. -Cal.

Ha this is what i like, misleading first impression on the rythm. Didnt really like the second segment though, was a bit too filled up the crushed synth is a bit too arpy and its melody doesnt really feel pleasant, 3rd was nice and light again.

Cant stand some of the plugins but i really like the composition so its worth some stars.

There is too much ...out of order with this song. The volumes are all static to my ear, the plugin used may be decent.. but the composition is rather generic.. then again i used to make music like this too when i was 19 years old or something sitting in an empty house with just a tracker console. That brings me to the disbelief why a piece like this is rated in the best of the month.. Look, i understand this negative review will come as insulting, i would take it as an insult when someone said this about my work but i guarantee that in a few years youll agree with me. Work on the volume levels of seperate notes, try not to use the first progression that comes up in your mind.. that makes pieces sound bland.. everyone has heard it a million times before. I hope you take this as a well meant wake up call to become better than you are, we should never be satisfied. -Cal.

original progression, original not boring melody lines, authenticness. yeah you won this one legit. :)

Fretzone responds:

Thanks man :) I was really going for something authentic but original , I'm really happy you liked it

Its always a guess if people understand scales (no offence ofcourse, in general theres alot of music on newgrounds that has utilized no understanding of the prior) and at first i held my breath a bit on the boops fearing it would just keep looping the same thing (wich happens alot in the prior aswell) but 1:40m in i already recogniced you know what youre doing. 1:15 was very refreshing, funny i also do something like that with 2 diff pianos in one of the last tracks for the game i work on myself.. ahwell. Im going to make a backflip here and land my feet on the 5 stars if you dont mind. -cal.

Neon-Bard responds:

Thanks a million for the review, Cal. Listening to Wires and Gates now is like looking into the distant past (in terms of music). Honestly, I think it's a pretty catchy tune -- the melody holds up relatively well and I'm proud of it. Now, that being said, I have no choice but to shake my head with inward contempt at some of my musical choices with this track. The mix is kinda shaky, there are some patterns that need work, and the track is a tad repetitive at times. BUT, I made this over a year ago now and I still consider my skills to be in the infancy of learning about music, composing, etc.

I plan on revisiting the entire LogicBots soundtrack some time this year, in order to learn more and create a better sound for the game in general. Anyway, your review is much appreciated -- thank you for the kind words. :)

I enjoy the instrument flux choices in the intro, and the chipstuff doesnt kill it so im going to just fall forward on my keyboard in the number 5 direction now. Great succes for chip mix land. -cal.

Step responds:

I know how experienced you are with chiptune so I'm extra glad you think it worked out. Thanks for reviewing!

generic progression but no falsa, obviously some ratio knowledge/know what youre doing. (alot of people making chip do not) ill listen to some more of you.

pit80 responds:

Thanks for the comment.. If you interesting more my music.. Can check my music stocks on my MAIN PAGE ;)

I was wondering what do you compose first? The chord progressions or the melody? I personally find that whenever i make a chord progression first i often end up making terrible melodies (with some big exceptions) It seems easier to compose on a melody, do you agree? I hear some little nuances here and there that i recognice from my own techniques so that resonates. I particularily love the sound of the electric guitar~ish instrument (just before the drums start) but the melody of it is a bit ehm.. random to my mind. (1:18 is where it screws up imo) If it were up to me i'd redo that part with something less out of place. -cal. For the remainder it has its strenghts and its weaknesses, theres just a few too many odd notes in there, while it has enough potential.

Greets. -cal.

Extremely poor im sorry to say, you should get some theory lessons imo. Its also repetitive but worst of all theres instrumentations used that are nowhere near 8bit. Normally i dont like to make negative reviews but youre someone who clearly needs one. Please do yourself a favor and study some music theory. -cal.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

It's all following the scale, key, the notes mostly follow the chord progression. I never said they were 8 bit either, the title is just chipbit heart.

Everyone could use more theory knowledge, but I know enough to know I wasn't that off.

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