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Ending affiliation with Newgrounds.

Posted by Calamaistr - March 6th, 2021

I am hereby ending my affiliation with Newgrounds due to that it caters to cancel culture through social justice fanatics with too much (digital) power.

This means that 1: I will no longer make music for anyone through Newgrounds.

2: No longer will i allow any music to be used through Creative commons, you will not get my permission no matter who you are or how nicely you ask me through private message.

3: This is permanent untill either Turkey On a Stick is removed from this site and can continue his career on Reddit or God knows what kind of radical activist sites will take him OR when He himself apoligises to me through private message (to which his considering is inevitable before this month ends but that aside, most people will never admit that they are wrong acting like Goebels assistants.)

I remember -old- Newgrounds fondly. Perhaps one day it will return to that. Just like one day you will all figure out you can here and now decide to return to normal. Live through your senses, not through these substitutes.

edit: I have deleted a few comments because they were extremely offensive and intended to smear me.

I will never deleted any comments unless they will cause an unnecessary shitstorm.

The users that placed these comments have been blocked from commenting on my page aswell.

Stay respectful, that is all.

Also, no I do not "leave Newgrounds". I said I have removed affiliations which means as described above I will no longer make music for use nor grant priviledges via pm to music that require my consent. The remainder is unchanged.



Comments (2)

I came back as a refuge from the rest of the internet, heh. Despite it all, this place remains far more tolerant of all types than most.

the keyword is indeed "than most", but i found out despite the owners of this site never having let me down before, they refuse to adress and prevent the mob rule cancel culture that reigns on the forums. I have been pm'ed before by people that told me they were banned, not for breaking any policy but because they disagreed with the referred mod. Fact is i didn't break any policies either, I have never instigated anything, i merely responded to a nonsensical thread made to attack me because its creator wouldn't get enough response from me after literally spamming my inbox for two weeks, even then i didn't block him. Im far more tolerant than people will want to admit. So what's going on here is a politicized circle jerk, they do not want to accept that someone goes against statist narrative, even though i can back it up with fact. I am not a conspiracy theorist nor do i follow the psyop known as Q, and yet people pile this onto me as if these are my own statements. All this is perfectly fine it seems. And then this partisan activist mod thinks to "teach me a lesson" and abuses his rights. There's a clear picture. There's my case why I will no longer offer my services or any rights to my music (when they need to be given) to Newgrounds untill this cancelculture is reprimanded by the owners of Newgrounds.

Good riddance!!