Mozaic on hold - new project for asvegren.

2013-04-03 18:23:27 by Calamaistr

update: having severe difficulties making music atm due to my health being pretty bad and its wearing me out fighting it.

As the title reads im putting my so far only imagined TTC-Mozaic successor of the previous TTC albums on hold and will be helping asvegren yet again to make a proper ost for his new game, this may be a harder job than usual due to my health not being top notch and all but ill try to make something real good this time.


Also, please if you like my music comment or pm or do anything to let me know you're out there, i feel a bit ignored on newgrounds while i have a LOT of music uploaded and update fairly often.

Mozaic on hold - new project for asvegren.


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2013-04-04 17:47:32

yay! this is gonna be good :)