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All projects canceled.

2013-04-08 06:28:20 by Calamaistr

Need more time for self irl, not well and if i upload anything it will be completely unrelated to any past project buisiness.
Also means i cant take other projects atm not that many people bothered to ask me anyway.

Apparently free quality music is to good to be true or something.

Ill upload my latest attempt for a theme for asvegrens project under another name.

All projects canceled.


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2013-04-08 07:25:25

: 3

Cats and unhappy posts don't mix well..

Calamaistr responds:

the cat looks sad.


2013-04-08 08:19:07

But still so damn cute! And it's cuteness makes me so happy! :(

Calamaistr responds:

cats do make you happy, but i dont have cats.. but my mother does and when i visit her i always love seeing them, one of them is pretty old aswell but still hunts.