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2013-09-30 07:42:25 by Calamaistr

1: Oexestesis.

2: Body earth.

3: Space sink.

4: Living square.

5: Humble tumble.

6: Im leaving im leaving.


this album is about death, for in death you are released into the frozen color of the cosmos.

Zero Exestesis/Exegesis.

We are all frozen dead in frozen space,
for the moment warmed in awareness to the prospect of cryophase once more.
Drift eternally in grey, in memory know color.
Regardless possibility and sense, great lengths to express, lest a prison.
But is it not when you are reborn to find once more.
Not even a dot a memory of earth, not even a spec.
Enough to a wonder, more than to a mind. But a neuron to take its place.
Simple mind to escape, confined to its own universe.
Then when the walls break, bend infinitely the full spectrum of color. Equillibrium.
You'll find out the pressure dropped, blackened dance but shamed would not, Iron lady.
Im leaving im leaving, this show never held my heart. The sky is water, how deep can i go with all the time in the world.
And ask death to hold my clothes.



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