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Whatever you do, do NOT take the "vaccine"

Posted by Calamaistr - April 6th, 2021

UPDATED 14-2-22


It is NOT a vaccine.

It will kill you if not maim you.

All the people I have worked with, I beg you to heed my warning. Those who have mocked me and refuse to listen, you will curse yourself for making the mistake.. i will not wish upon you.

Believe in an "invisible enemy" all you want, Virusses are not the cause of Illness but the aftermath, oxidation is the cause of toxification. When your body ousts the oxidation by either a natural seasonal detox or detox therapy (such as helped by fytotherapeutics) or the workings of the immune system, perhaps strenghtened with intravascular Vitamin C or Hydrochloroquine (delivery agent, not medicine itself) with Z(zinc)pack.. in the aftermath your cells excrete what is misdiagnosed to be virusses (a body's own soap!) to flush out residue. In fact this happens all the time to a degree shown as exosome activity, communication with all sorts of bacteria (the sum of which make up your immune system). Ivermectine in particular is a treatment against parasites, that can find a nutricious biome in a oxidated system, which is why it aids to get people (somewhat) better. for the remainder.. the ruse is to "cure' the workings of the immune system!

There is no "virus" behind a "pandemic". The very thing the rockefeller industry that grew into the alopathic monopoly has presented as cures, is your poison.

HEED this, for Godsake.

Or suffer the consequences.

And stop wearing 2.5% oxygen level lowering slavemasks that increase your co² levels and cause severe irrepairible organ damage, aside from obstructing the natural learning of infants to recognice and communicate facially.

It is literally criminal, child abuse to put such an object on a child. For the remainder suit yourself if you rather not think logically.

If you still do not understand, take some time to watch this through;



And terrain science vs germ theory for beginners: https://www.bitchute.com/video/T0PTFfWSCd1U/

Or read the following books:

-What really makes you ill.

-The contagion myth.

-The invisible rainbow on electricity and life.

And if this isn't enough, ask yourself why all measures you supposedly 'must' take against a "virus" are not effective against even the proposed and contemporary idea of a "virus"? Instead are causing illness themselves; facemasks=oxygen deprivation 2.5% causing organ damage and pnemonia due to petridish effect. On the box of every facemask it says that it cannot be used against "coronaviusses" and yet you walk around with one?! So called lockdowns are admitted even by the WHO to be inneffective to begin with. Stop aiding your own destruction, and if you haven't taken any jabs yet.. DONT. NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCE. Instead strive for self-sufficiency in every regard, everytime something is "taken" (which you should'nt have given) become self sufficient in it.

Follow this man on bchute, inform yourself.


update 14-2-22

His latest work: Terrain (documentairy)


update 14-5-22

Calamaistr now also on Bitchute:






Yo my parents got mad sick after getting the vaccine

you wanna make a bet whether or not i'll die to the vaccine

You won't be able to pay me. Be wise, do not take an experimental and untested dna altering therapy branded a vaccine. Or be unwise and leave this earth for it. Your choice.

@Kickbuttguy @Calamaistr

I've already taken it, it's been in my body for a full month. I'm not dead. I'm going to say this respectfully as I can, you need help.

Nice knowing you. Even though it wasn't for long and all.

@Kickbuttguy @Calamaistr @Calamaistr It has been a full month since I took the vaccine. When am I supposed to die

uh oh, retard alert!

It's been 4 months, where is my death certificate?

Without an immune system you are now dependent on external "boosters", you have allowed the rockefeller and gates foundations to patent your body and will become toxic (which means without your natural driving-out mechanism that is your immune system, you cannot get rid of oxidative processes anylonger.) comparable to aids. This winter you will get "sick" or as I've just explained toxic. They will tell you you are inflicted with a mutant but the cause is the mrna, combined with lowered health due to bacterial pnemonia from maskwearing, breathing in ethylene oxide and rubbing sterilizing garbage onto your skin which also adds to the oxidation that you can no longer drive out.

Let this response function as to you understanding what will be happening to you this winter. So that atleast that may help you rather than the confusion. Also, there actually is word of cures against graphene poisoning, but the remainder.. sorry to say.. you're already screwed.

@TheDude234572024557 @Calamaistr I think you're a little off the rails here cala...

I had covid in nov 20. since Im a heatlhy mid 20s male, it was pretty mild. I waited 6 months for the 1st shot, felt fine other than soreness and fatigue from the vaccine, which are similar symptoms you get from any vaccine really. waited 6 months for the 2nd. this time I actually got sick, but that is because my body has immunity from covid and the 1st shot, so it reacted heavily as if it was the actual virus. but its not because of 'dna altering'. it's literally the protein simulating the actual sars virus.

I think you need to take some online biology and virology courses. your body doesn't just produce viruses out of no where.

I also don't wear masks all the time. I don't see it being super effective.

and by the way, I do believe covid was manufactured in the wuhan lab. that one is pretty self explanatory and china used it as an opportunity to effect the world's economy.

You had a detox in nov20, the shots gave you both a toxic substance and a dna alteration that will function only for the internet of bodies connecting to the internet of things. You did not become "sick" because you had "immunity" you got "sick" because you had another detox to attempt to oust the unnatural material and toxicity.

Bodies produce "virusses" out of "nowhere" the same way dieing strawberries produce "bacteria" out of "nowhere".

You shouldn't wear masks at all, they block your oxygen intake by 2.5% (which causes organ damage, which is irrevertible) after even 10 minutes of wearing. You also will be at risk of developing pnemonia from perpetual reinhalation of previously ousted substances.

Nothing was manufactured in a lab except for the jab misdefined as a vaccine.

Here are some videos that explain it better.


And otherwise just watch whatever you can find here:

I know it is alot to take in because it would mean that you have been bamboozled and that you made a possibly fatal mistake, I too fell for it about 2 months before this all started because I tend to be ahead of the curve in terms of "information". I thought there was a lab with a real virus too, I walked around with facemasks for 2 weeks before ANYONE ANYWHERE did so. Then I started to figure out that hospitals were empty everywhere, and then dug into the above subject of what virusses really are. (or aren't rather.) I already was medically oriented considering my past in studying fytotherapeutics (simply put; medicine) but also medical history. So that helped actually being able to decipher what (actual, not the frauds on tv) specialists talked about.

Although I do not think you can be cured of the injections contents.. perhaps you can ..have palliative care. And that everyone who fell for this gross lie, this psychological war.. deserves.

I suggest you try the applicative hydrocholoquine (this opens your cells for easier administration) with either zinc or high concentrations of vitamin C. Some people swear by the anti-parasite drug ivermectine but I do not believe that works against hydrogel nor against graphene induced blot clotting. You could try zeolite if its legal where you live against the heavy metals, you can also try oregano oil (essential) and spirulina against those but I cannot attest if it will work, we are dealing with technology here that is entirely new. But it cannot hurt to take these supplements (be careful with oregano oil though, its very strong.. a single droplet into a big glass of water is plenty for a few days)
Take a D-dimer test, this is to show if you have micro blot clots, ordinary blood tests do not show this.

And do not take any more jabs, especially not what they call boosters.

I wish you well.

@Calamaistr @Calamaistr lol ok dude. get a job

You can also subscribe to watching this upcoming documentairy. But suit yourself. https://www.bitchute.com/video/zJOso8jkbTTO/

im not dead or maimed yet