Newyears 8bitties.

2012-12-12 14:19:41 by Calamaistr

-NOTICE: atm i have a massive writers block .

Like every year at the end of the year i tend to make a transitional music track that pretty much sums up the somewhat emotional state the year represented to me, last year i thought i would quit making these but here i am again.

I tend to make more than one track but ritually i will listen to the last track i make on newyears eve, outside. alone' whilst looking to the stars and wishing my late father newyear, then look back on it all.

Last year's Newyear tracks were 'totale stop', 'the final sigh', 'one year rain', 'sun breaks storm' and 'im still alive'.

This year's Newyear tracks are as follows (not complete yet, more coming) :

Sedating frill:

Long live the king?:

And every1 stopped:

the fragments:

lamplit diner:

a woman is a coward:


a amaranthine by:

miracle spring:


Newyears 8bitties.


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2012-12-13 12:00:14

U continue to amaze me with your chiptune stuff.

Calamaistr responds:

thank you :) i dont get alot of responses so it always does me well to see these :)


2013-01-17 00:47:40

Your work is absolutely amazing!

Calamaistr responds:

thank you