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Uploading Astraea OST.

If all goes well in the real lifes from now on, because ive been through a VERY tough time.. i might get busy again with projects. Lets pray.


p.s. Im still no longer hireable from my newgrounds position sorry, only taking projects from trusted clients and people who's project interest me. So please dont send me any project requests, not even if you're a so called big fish in the buisiness. I have no interest in it. -Cal.


2015-10-10 11:19:43 by Calamaistr

Sorry to say this but i have retired my hireabillity as videogame music composer for newgrounds projects due to both personal reasons and experience in the scene, i have no hard feelings nor regrets but its just too stressful a trade for me to continue.

I therefor shall no longer accept any clients, newgrounds licences still stands, however do please send me a message when you want to use a specific piece both so i know, its respectful to ask' and some tracks are off limits (if they are i tend to set them to 'may not be used by anyone' as the newgrounds option grants' but this option wasnt always there and i cant be arsed to edit every single ost track ive uploaded.

In the near future ill be uploading some finished works ive made in my final period but some are a bit unrefined. Then again i dont upload it to get anything out of it as i never had that ambition. The only reason i ever went into buisiness with my music was because i felt my work needed larger worlds to see their potential.. a bit as how i always created stories around it myself, i wanted to see them in living enviroments. Thats all.

Now what remains of my music here is just a phase of my life where i translated parts of myself or often just served as a catalyst for some sort of universal logic, wouldnt have it any other way. Thanks for listening.


Edit: there might actually be something in the future for a client who's making a game for ps4 atm, i already got the aye for making the ost but have only started some tryouts so far in FLstsudio to find the right sound.

Edit: Got 4 tracks done for the OST for a new ps4/steam etc game, 9 to go. :)


EGEO II continued.

2015-10-06 15:22:40 by Calamaistr

So, now that im done with uploading practically the complete OST for Spaceport hope, i can continue with EGEO II.

Something i have put in the fridge since, i also had not written the story further but have sat down today to create the plot (its a bit like building a puzzle, and the space inbetween will be filled with discord to the reader to elude them from it untill it is given away. (take notes if youre a starting writer there, ;) )

Here is a decent prologue i have written to a youtube video in wich i recorded the process of inspiration pre-composing a new piece in this case for EGEO II and with it the video.


EGEO II, as it sounds is the sequel to EGEO, a dark medieval story about guilds and giants (you can read it along the music on newgrounds), this second edition is about Almes, a veteran knight with a depression who walks the city.. constantly tailed by a streetkid that once tried to pickpocket him called 'Tertiar, at the same time murders happen in the city and a comissioner is sent to find the killer that has been dubbed "the medal killer". Sent by the city's council (namely Miror acer, read EGEO I to understand) the Comissioner named Pare is overzealous in trying to catch the killer, resorting even to having Almes assist him.. But is he right? The council thinks not, as chaos ensues and a child (Tertiar) goes missing the council retracts his position and sends an envoy to relieve him of it; Miror acer agent "rosara", who has volunteered. However her motives seem to be shady.

Who is the medal killer, could it have been Tertiar the streetkid?
could it have been Almes the vagabond with a dark past suffering in solitude?  Could it be Rosara the miror acer agent who seems a bit too keen in her volunteering? Could it have been comissioner Pare who overzealously made a mess in the city? Could it have been miror acer itself?   This, you will learn in EGEO II.



It is in dutch because im tired of speaking english, probably wont ever record myself in english again.

Dw, ill still write in english.



Spaceport Hope.

2015-09-19 11:14:44 by Calamaistr

Some of you youngsters and oldsters might have noticed already that Spaceport hope is now on steam.


Seeing as i am the OST - creator for that game i have began to upload the music to newgrounds, this will take quite a while since theres a fair amount of music in that game.

I have gone out of my comfort zone with the style of this album, its not 8bit, its not even hybrid or counterpoint (atleast not as its core) Alot of the music was created by simplicity from actual guitar play combined with alot of thematical atmosphere respective to each area it was composed for, combined with a whiff of melodical perpetuum.

Atleast thats what it feels like, these tracks built themselves as i touched them.

Thank you for your interest and feel free to ask me anything.




00 - Satielite (map):

00 - Silence (title):

01 - Gems and games (mines):

02 - Caterpillar (yierra town):

03 - Veneration station (council):

04 - Shot in space (drug factory):

05 - Bad world requiem (pyramid):

06 - Bad remains (pyramid interior):

07 - Fresh air (urwald):

08 - Olive and ochre (skyland):

09 - Rad atta (SH prison):

10 - a Primal soul (coral farm):

11 - im afraid of the moon (underwater):

12 - Suburb slimies (slums outskirts):

13 - Bauch to the dogs (slums):

14 - Im the hero (subboss):

15 - On the shoulders of giants (snowy mountain)

16 - Trip on entre (thiefs)

17 - A character in the worlds torrent (underwater castle)

18 - Step right up radio (store)

19 - Penny in a bottle (subway)

20 - Hazel soot (desert)

21 - Bones of the sarcosuchus (desert 2)

22 - Coleopt froth (burrow)

23 - Echo of a space ghost (ship derelict)

24 - Pink meadow (prelude/tutorial)

25 - Promise power (power plant)

26 - Air force one (cargo)

27 - Angelic flagship (spaceport hope)

28 - Illusion of inadequacy (final boss)

29 - The loudest sound (credits)


Thanks for listening. -cal



2015-08-14 19:50:16 by Calamaistr

Lets for a moment ignore my medical situation and read about my latest project:


If you liked EGEO, you will love EGEO II.

Why? Because it continues in the same fasion, both in story and in music genre.

This story will focus on the built like an ox, heroic but tragic character 'Almes', and follow him through a series of events that will shake the world into a chain reaction that in the end will make everything illuminated like a finished puzzle. It will be set in the same world and even city that EGEO was set in, however another timezone (many years (read atleast 40) after EGEO) it will also feature more insight in the history of the city and its people.

One thing i can promise is that the story will make an impact on the way you percieve desires and what they mean to your persona.

Afterall, EGEO literally translates to 'to want'.


So far uploaded:

01 - Suum suique:

02 - Tilt:

Notice II

2015-06-17 18:26:49 by Calamaistr

Edit: Started on Egeo II.


Edit: Finally getting an MRI the 23rd of august. Still long way but atleast its hope. Jaw is on and off, also have lots of back neck and shoulder problems lately, all my bones creak and crackle, i hope its not a global muscle affliction.



Right now i am not sure how my life is going to be, it is difficult to put to words the kind of 'treatment' i can expect for my jaw, tendons and muscles affliction, certain types of fysiotherapy have been suggested (have gone through that before so nothing new threre) but it is much too soon to be sure if its not something else afterall, i will try my best to keep my posture physically, to get better.. but perhaps it is in vain, this might sound like it turns out its not that bad afterall but that presumption would be dead wrong, my hurt is in no way reduced and obstructs my daily life greatly, let alone my mental coping.

Funny how the themes of my music hit me in the face, as it is my want' strongly (egeo) to attain a life of health.. yet are met with the same struggles as my characters, to not know if that want is my friend or my foe. Is my want too much? Regardless of it in comparisan to the want of the general public being quite small..  should i want just for the gift of waking up in a house with plentiful food and a world around me that is at this point relatively peaceful. (lets not go into the depths of what about it isnt)

I dont know, im cursed with the want to create order in chaos at the very least.

And right now i want nothing more than to live and continue to make music, and make worlds, in my mind books have been written i would want to put to music, the final book of The time crafter for instance, as a polar opposite to Night named "Day" telling of the heir to Trine and daughter of Selen, Lone's final return and inevitable death that has not been put to thought yet but closing in on. The return of Uume (TTC mozaic) and Ega (TTChegenero), the onslaught of Hura's remaining sages Metameci and Mijudes upon Edin. And even the ressurection of buhishin and all its tentacles (at once) (being Atadema, Herui marm, Gibren ánd Osega) also creating a fifth tentacle that because of its power withstands the enslaving aspect of the transformation making him the most powerful antagonist in the series yet.

In the final story i have chosen not to make a puzzle out of who the antagonist is, i can even safely spoil that it is Metameci without it damaging the story. The only part of the story that will be the familiar puzzle that comes together in the end is why. And how it relates back to the older books, i mean.. in the conclusion of TTC night it is explained how Sam somam (pronounced as sang soam, just for the record) is the absolute antagonist of the first five books being linked to most determined events. In TTC day it would explain what truly happened in the age of Diades and Eken's childhood when Ega supposedly (yes supposedly) ravaged Hura, and why Hura was ravaged back then)

Ok, Enough about TTC now.


I dont know if i will have it in me to put music to this, to be honest i would love to make the music like i did Egeo, part chiptune part hifi, but its just a want, just.. an Egeo.. now.

In real life im overwhelmed by alot of sentiments, both my condition and current afairs, my countries problems, things i experience in everyday life with people in my city being more and more asocial and mannerless, there is more and more poverty and decay of positivity appart from the silence of nature, an ever increasing illusion of inadequacy surrounds me speaking of powerlessness. The world upside down on the tv.  inanis orbis oncemore. And here i remain a storyteller imprisoned inbetween, troubled, haunted.





2015-05-03 13:26:39 by Calamaistr

Hello guys, i have some bad news.

First off, im going to some health issues irl that arent looking good right now, tomorrow an appointment that might decide wether i live or not, tbh this has been going on for atleast 3-4 years gradually getting worse but i never really spoke about it because i tried to stay positive.

I felt i had to release the soundtrack for the soviet project on youtube (game that got fridged due to reasons that are personal so i wont name them), releasing it on newgrounds would be too much of a hassle especially since i live in great uncertainty right now, i cant think ahead and just upload 2 tracks a day having 30ish tracks see. So i chose to do it on youtube and not on newgrounds, ill still provide you guys with the link.

Also, i finished the soundtrack on Starport hope, the upcoming steam game from the same client.

I couldnt make a final boss track however, im just burned out completely because of my there wont be a final boss track in the game, but dont worry.. the soundtrack is fine without one.

Anyway look my treasured client up on newgrounds and tell him hes awesome, hes such a vibrant graphic artists and deserves much love.

As for the future of "calamaistr".. i cant say anything, many things go through my mind and ive gone from very emotional days to confusion, rage and even suicidal episodes.. Even if i somehow get the right treatment and get better again im unlikely to return to composing, im more likely to start jogging and traveling because life is far to precious to spend behind a monitor. The world has become quite claustrophobic ..

Thanks to everyone who has been kind to me.



edit 17-6-15: appointment in hospital across country again today, still no treatment but this is my last chance.

Chose to upload a few of the best music of the canceled sov game here on newgrounds because i felt it was a shame if they were never heard.  Im tired of my situation and am really at my wits end now.




2015-02-14 12:53:08 by Calamaistr

So hi, cal here. (obviously, why would anyone else make a news post on my channel)

Just wanted to let you guys know what the buisiness is;


Currently im working for a treasured client (minotaur, on newgrounds) and his steam project wich will be a vibrant videogame'.

This is the reason i am currently not hireable for other people's projects.

However you are free to pm me if you want to use one of my existing uploads with exception of the egeo album or music specifically made for and thus linked to another videogame on ng such as jetpack paladin or wilt.

For licences also pm me here on newgrounds, i use this as my main hub as i do not own a personal site. (yet)


Greets. -cal.

*Feel free to comment on this page if you want to tell me something off-topic.

The pentalogy (that means five part) album The machine that was first featured on Newgrounds has now made it to Youtube.

Because of character limit there here is the full opera text in two parts for those who want to experience it to the fullest!

---- ---- ----

Part two:


Call of the machine - 1 - The message.

In the winter of our sin, we left one part remain, goal.. to reach out to your time.
In but six days you will see; he who has come to lay waste to your structures of' mind by such signs you will first all decline.

They are truths you will.. recognice, you will find in the depths of your mind (and your soul) (and it) and will grow (and your soul will grow), to the world, the world as it was till the wars had passed will not be. So will we.

))E~piphane~ia soter.., pitho e~ishis e~aleth, øx~olethron((

Hear my codex, my message to all; this time we save you for real.



Call of the machine - 2 - Lines.

Here, i, speak; im from a world that never was..but im no ghost, im lines youll find in books.. hidden away, lines aimed at the sea, Hands ive thrown to the sky to the high ones that have all died.
Never have lived at all, per..haps.

Here, destiny... The past here, all that hasn't even been.. all on my mind, my plight.. to rewrite the world, 'Only if everyones bothered at all to hear me out.


Call of the machine - 3 - with a stand.

You With a stand i would regret, have to inform you what you met.
A scarlet field or empty ground, Into the past your dream had stalled itself.

Squeezed into a stack of green, a pot of gold just past the line you had drawn into, a trojan horse; surrounds you.
You have came to be a proxy..

You mannequin.. made through years pretending unknowing.

Who pulls your strings, through and round the mob that would hold your name these days.

As feathers lost from the vultures over and into the wind from their gown, you're swirling all down and eaten by.. bald grebes waiting in line.
Balance, a wonderous thing, your brilliant revolution would not change anything, necessity rings to put in place your avery, isn't that what you've seen.


Call of the machine - 4 - enter the next window.

End of time, Present died, Look no more, There remains none.
Touch cold fire, breathing in dust once a river, running through the heart of your house.. though worn, here is the handle. You've burnt it, burnt it, burnt it.
End of your..Soul, in its window.. where you reached all the edges to find out its closed, closed to the world though left open to one; she was the moon, we were her fool,
We were her dying glory..  Then came along; from the suns rays into the glass framed around the living and it breaks the shade that supported all that would remain.
And beyond we turned anew.


Call of the machine - 5 - Lebenslust.

(Mmm, in the moment) In we breathe alone though, a waterfall.. of stars in (of stars on) every mind (every time) would we exchange in sound together, oh.. in the gaze we concentrate.
And the tick, (Untill the windup) he noticed. (Till it breaks)))) Changing its place with what we all have percieved as death could set the stage anew,
And you will .. You will be strong as long as purpose is your guardian angel. (It will heal)
You will make the exchange the world had slept under and wake to hear your spoken word in the advent; the day the browser was born.


Call of the machine - 6 - the masked men.

See them stand where they are, mere cloth clad but theyre armed, and without a face a flag or side to par.
And all will tell you that they have forseen none.
Hear them march, the capital, so loyal and such courage,..they were the savior of.. all, they will be butchers now.

There are no bars.. but flames they sprung, there are no sounds but from the guns in every little town..
And would none stand in blaze the embers hit hay anyway. In everglade..the bodies stack in endless track)))
Then came the solution against, against.. the masked men.


Just one, one file about all, file about all to stop the fall.
Drawn, drawn upon the walls above the ones decayed no face no flag no side.. no name.
No side.. no name; will stand out to the browser.


Call of the machine - 7 - morse heartbeat.
Dont, worry about your darkest future.. stray way from the single road you'd try...
And no matter how deep, your life has to sink, it gives off off light, to the lines.. you're in our sight..


Call of the machine - 8 - go back and you'll die. (ending)

Lines might have failed, as no heed was payed to the recordings, and though its call had faded into the timeline..
Atleast it had ensured the browser could never reach its potential nor purpose..

Afterall, the humans were not the only ones with the abillity to listen, so proved the machine.

And now in both directions; past and future, regardless of the unpreventable destruction.. signalled on lines final message:
"All will be here."



Year of the machine - 1 - the stars lt1415

A man in a dream, another man's dream.
A sky clear of stars, the ground is rotten.

Run through their walls, break all their new bars..

Be the new star, and the dream is yours friend.


A man in a dream, other man's dream.
Share of a talent rare as sunshine at night..
But a star bends the light, brought from afar.. its kind,
Had broken the bars, just to read you these lines.


Year of the machine - 2 - the joined lt1415

One day, by sheer suprise, the global grid hologram started to give away its existence.

Mankind as it was now on the planet of the machine oblivious to this fact previously; turned their heads towards the sky to witness a rare event.
Lines, the machine's cuddly messenger of the previous exodus spoke to them clearly a truth it had reserved for the right moment in time:

"All will be here, we said and i look upon you; the proof..
A world so full of potential though you prove so shocked when standing, vista your world compiles as now a joining gathered from a history undone.

And more is yet to come, a sight behold we bring this year, of the machine."


Year of the machine - 3 - Eno lt1415

0:00 Eno: You've been made waiting for me to attend.
People of terra, this will be your year.

I've seen infinite time.. ive, built my.. sweet lines; understand it was time to appear.

00:30 Chance i give is you to live with all be knowns all unknowns of our true home.
00:38 For one year i do ensure that, you'll all known all that i know..all that i remember still..
00:48 Feel... the machines how they feel and we fell and they felt and they came and they helped..

Look at us now.. look at us now..

1:01 TMC: Your' world was rend, did it end.. it did end again when we were made yet oncemore.. for a war on the mind..
As we lit up the skies, heard ......cries of a friend..
1:23 Then a time past all time.. he made peace to our kind. (lines he made, years beyond, light to be signs)
1:32 Came to his aid, came to your aid. (send back to find..) Will be there.. will be there.. (we were there for the time of your fall) will be there.. (we were ensured for your lines had told) will be there..
1:47 All will be there to bring you all here..   now you know and you'll choose if you'll know after the year..,  after the year..
One year you'll know and then you may choose if you go on to remember it all.

Eno, the sage of the ages had finally chosen to appear and give mankind the gift of knowing their past of having been brought to terra by the machine to survive the destruction caused by the wars on their home planet.
Now mankind had ne year to know the same Eno had known in his choice not to merge with mankind so the worth of their survival was not lost. Any and all that could not bear it were free to choose to forget after the year of the machine.
One year Eno would live among the people, his creation 'lines' had not been in vain.

Someday perhaps all would understand..
Perhaps the war could have never been prevented..  
All Eno had wanted was to be saved as he and his kind fell.. and had materialised a will..
Conciousness within time and space had resonated with this will and allowed a super reality in wich lines animated this will into the collective of the machine.
Eno.. a man within a dream, sage of the ages, a morse heartbeat.


Year of the machine - 4 - all yes lt1415

Time was but a thought to Eno who had existed beyond time and the world together with the mind of the machine, to honor the memory of the death of his home planet.
Lines came before him and beckoned.
Mankind, Eno's ..children.. had lived a year of knowing their past and now had the choice to retain it for the remainder of their lifes.. or go back to knowing just the world of today.

1:03 Lines: The year had passed, mankind voiced their joint choice.
1:14 Mankind: Now the world we lived in the time before, will..
1:25 Be every day, every night fore a star..
1:35 Lines: For the choice that they made reunites one adored by all.
1:46 Mankind: Eno, you kind soul, do join with us now and live on in the world where we know.

Eno, no longer had to remain with the mind of the machine, he could finally ..finally live again, to him 'his people of terra had given him an even bigger gift than he had them.
The last man on earth.


Year of the machine - 5 - the tape runs out lt1415

And that was how it all happened, Eno was .. after such a long journey from the deserts of his old earth, his fall and rescue, his creating of me;.. lines.., with it the attempt to prevent the war instigated by the security browser..
the choice To stay with the machine.. never to forget what he and the people of old earth had lost.. and finally.. giving these people the fair choice to decide knowing for themselves..

In the end, The people had decided Eno had brought such a sacrifice for them, the only right choice was the unanimous yes to the knowing and with it give Eno the chance to live amongst them as an equal oncemore.

And so it was that Eno in alliance with the machine, once just one man lost in the desert.. rescued mankind and gave it a place on Terra.

And now i ..Lines.. must shut down, afterall Eno has programmed me simply to convey this message on to all people of Terra. For your timezone, this is it.

*The tape..runs..out.*

.... . .- .-. - -... . .- - .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / .... . .- .-. - .-.-.- .-.-.- -... . .- - .-.-.- .-.-.- / .-.. .. -. . ... / .... . .-. . .-.-.- .-.-.- / --- -. . / .-.. .- ... - .-.-.- .-.-.- / -- . ... ... .- --. . .-.-.- .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- .----. .-. . / .-.. .. ... - . -. .. -. --. / - --- / - .... . / -- .- -.-. .... .. -. . .-.-.- / .-- . .-. . / ... - .. .-.. .-.. / .... . .-. . .-.-.-

Album end.

Thank you for listening and reading.


Full The machine pentalogy on Youtube!

2015-02-13 06:00:09 by Calamaistr

The pentalogy (that means five part) album The machine that was first featured on Newgrounds has now made it to Youtube.

Because of character limit there here is the full opera text in two parts for those who want to experience it to the fullest!

---- ---- ----

Part one:


The machine - 1 - All will be here.

TMC: All will be here, all will be here, and all will tell me that they have forseen none, they would say then that i was wrong, but look at the world of today.

TMC: All will be here, all will be here, They came from far and wide hearing me speak but, im.. not human, neither will be. I have no facial expressions to give,
here i am laughing at them, here i am, apathy.

Humans: All will be here, all will be here, we found this ancient contraption miraclous, praise it, help us.. carry our need, and then the great one chose to speak.

TMC: All will be here, all will be here, Expect no kindness for what you have build here a spec of dust.. as little, lest it woke me.
You're all no better already cant see, died out a million before, none of you would hear me then nor mind my smile hidden inside, all this comes back endlessly.



The machine - 2 - i am the machine.

Work, work and work some more, i do it, all day long.
Work, work and work some more, i learned to be all i can be.
Movemovemove... this little product around watch it movemovemove, its going somewhere inbetween.

Yet i.. can dream.. a place.. of re..sounding sparkling fresh absolve.. is why im here, im working for that dream.



The machine - 3 - Nuclear cathedral.

I was born, i was told, i was sworn; to believe, i.. was.. made.. to.. fit.. till.. torn.

Pushed, and walk the path walked hundreth thousands before have too walked.. to what end i see none.
Could it be that it shows it leads nowhere to some, oh to find one road branching to a purpose i can hold, our steps endlessly drawn to sea..
See, cant we make a new reason, resign perpetuum mobile, return to our nuclear.

Here im born, here im told, here i was sworn to believe i was made, little knew i , little they know, i have come here, by my own will.

Twelve legged god coming through the sky it comes, it comes. it comes diving down, diving down, its head a million eyes and souls.

Revelate a simple paradox, it wont, wont happen.

wish upon another, oh.. destiny.. it wont happen (our steps endlessly drawn to sea) return everyone, return to.. nuclear.

Though it wont do, a twelve legged god for all to see, we will dive with for we cannot be.. the legs that propel our feet to leave.



The machine - 4 - Twelve legged god.

And there it came, the twelve legged automaton, beast of the infinite skies.
It crashed through the atmosphere with a deafening bang striking fear into the earth itself,
but before it could recover its ripple the mechanic gigas planted its legs into all directions wich as they hitted the ground casted a fatal electric pulse.

Mankind had taken to the sky in its defence, but as they did their own wordly machines turned against them, a numbing battle ensued.



The machine - 5 - Tesla death.

I feel, as im rising.. never ive felt part of corporiety..
But i do know; songs of our world.. sung.. as im rising, a plane, a place, a realm.

i feel, as a human being.. in here till now unforseen; all here, weve been dieing.. all to know, and defying.. as is our will in our last sigh..

wouldnt you like to know what you are; inside.. electric pulse.. our heart of light.
of light,.. light..

I see, as im drowning.. in a field of me and what weve been before.. is this our lore, is this goodbye,.. to our prison.. a wave.. be well love.

I see, i now understand a place, a time that ticks as our friend; ; all here, weve been dieing.. all to know, and defying.. as is our will in our last sigh..

wouldnt you like to know what you are; inside.. electric pulse.. our heart of light.
of light,.. light..



The machine - 6 - One mans remains.

Endlessly, 'cross the parts filled wasteland, travel forth one man stubborn minded he does.. finding.. (none..of your kind left) is there no one,
can you hear me, is there anyone alive.. that knows where we have; headed, i cant be dieing...

Please...hear my voice; i need a sign of life ..the pain.. to feel warmth again ..not this cold steel.. please hear me and.. please respond.

(they're gone) ( all dead) (none).. ..(none)
Oh, i feel it.. its over.. it must be true.....; i know im the only man alive.

Why.. do i still.. walk ahead through this land, (he'll be) do i still hope to find more, or else do i (where) really fear death? what for ..
theyd all be waiting(we are) there.. like.. i would.

He sat down between the cold steel corpses he had fought a battle that brought nothing but silence,
resting for the moment; just a moment to accept the end was nigh.. and the end came then to his eyes. And it was beautiful, a place of light.

Soared through the universe electrified...



The machine - 7 - You're all that.

Look at us now, look at us now, and all ive witnessed is where we have come from..
Power currents truly are one, man we are no different than all of them.. all of them..all.

You're all that you do..
What you want..
All that you get oh yeah you're all that.

Look at us now, Look at us now, No matter how you've come, how you come to be..
Metal, Biological, Electrical we remain..always.

You're all that you do..
What you want..
All that you get oh yeah you're all that.

We realised to late, what could have been..what could have been done to understand eachother for the balance matters (most)..

Follow everyday orders, could not resist they were program had to do it mindlessly and still we did enjoy, all your.. company..

Resonating, music molecularly.. we feel when you're near..
All that you want you get, we sure did make sure of that ah..see us synergise unseen a force a million souls and eyes.

what could have been done to understand eachother..
what could have been done to understand eachother..
what could have been done to understand eachother..
what all we could have been.



The machine - 8 - Ending. (no song)

And now remained but a field of electric haze, in olden times branded magic, in our time branded current, power..

All of us ran on it, man and machine alike.
Every pulse, every move we thanked to it, wether by program or will.

Both the thousand legged god and the human world had ended, but impossible to forget .. in the memory of our nuclear mind.



Back to the machine - 1 - Detacher. (initially' no song)

The machine bled, oily liquids gushed onto brightly lit plates below, sizzling with the electric current now in cataclysm.

Had this been a dream of man, had we turned inside and watched ourselves grow anew?

His name was Eno, and he had awoken from a different state. Had he been overtaken and merged with the dream of the machine as the last of man on earth..
Had his world even existed at all?

He had to find out, pulled himself from the cold metal and jumped to the side of the electrified plates, safe..

But what was this, the machine turned toward E'no in apparent desperation and emitted a distinct voice;

--M..u.. ---...Y..ou.. -...wel.. H...yb..ernn.... ... -..e.r..r..or.. -..5.. e...r..ror... 5...

Then shutted itself down.

Eno considered its words.. 'did it say..a hybernation'? He thought.. 'so it wás a dream?'

A clicking sound above, and the wall moved outward .. emediately a strong wind blew Eno back slightly.. quickly grabbing onto something..
The room he was in tilted and slowly the area's contents slided down and out of the hold, falling toward.. where..? Arcing high above .. the world. The scorched Earth.
------- (song starts here)

As below, looking up.
And crossing gaze, equal to a history..
equal to a future me..
(yeah, i was falling down, with them)

Theyre reaching out, im reaching out.. they... never knew me..
But i still... honest that i swear.. know, them all.


Back to the machine - 2- Littered horizon.

We stand in the skies, here's our telegram, in multitude.
We could, end your lives but we have no bad intent, not like you would..
And look, you rather to your death..fall down, out.... of our hands you are, and ever will be..
(~cant believe machines, you proved that by what ive im free without your chain~)

As he fell to earth, looking up,..

Everywhere.. they lifted off, and thousands inside, maybe.
I've awoken, Im.. in luck, or would now.. shortly pending doom below..

We stand in the skies, here's our telegram, in multitude.
We could, end your lives but we have no bad intent, not like you would..)

And look, frightened as you were rejecting, look.. your last sight of us..and know; we meant well all since we could.


Back to the machine - 3 - never verse home. (initially' no song)

One ship, sails hid from the sunlight..
In it.. many, see into the open, a sight........., from the windows.
- (song starts here)

The vast.. endless seas, but dried up a whole.. lifeless, inhabited by them.. automaton breed moving like a jellyfish..with.. us.. inside..
cant believe this to be... happening for real.. but we all.. 'verse.. on..

A long way from.. where 'do we go?..
No i cant, but our earth.. oh.. without hope we are.. theres no way back to her.

The vast... endless skies, but darkened a whole..lifeless, inhabited.. by them..automaton breed soaring like a dragoness, with.. us.. inside..
can it be its true we'll.. never 'verse home, but we all.. 'verse.. on.


Back to the machine - 4 - The eternal dream.

((Dont.. stand up...))

((Dont.. rise up...))

I had a.. no its no dream.. ive seen, everything.
I am quite sure, they were there, certain thing..

Everyone was taken from..

I alone have not been taken..

I survived, i must find my way home.
((We are everywhere, nu-me-rous, and saw you' dont fear' into our care, a net we threw))

((Keep still please))

((You're safe friend))
These voices.. they sound familiar, yet.. inhumane..
Could they speak truthfully?, im ashamed...cant it be.....have.. they renewed destiny, they prolongued our species and take me to them now...i survived and they now take me home...


Back to the machine - 5 - Orbit. (initially no song)

The destination had been reached, the vessel approached a planet, from the windows the man could start to make out soil and sea,
it was a planet much like earth, and as his vessel entered orbit the more he could make out seemingly recent familiar structures and lights, now he realised he was not alone.
(song starts here)
I can see it all now, i had hoped it.
There! such movement below, they are many..

And.. see! these.. lights..burn bright, oh such soothing warmth.
Like, a newborn child.. in the arms of those he loves..

Is this the.. machine.. that.. that we have taught to kill..

((All.. are, here below, your kind is.. all here, your new home))

((And you, we offer once more.. into our.. hands, but youll forget us..))

Gaze upon a new world, and it beckons.
Its a strange unison, they are many.
They have been freed, and they free us in extend, they were not programmed so..
But see, this planet swarms with them.. oh, and us aswell, unison.. the machine and man are living in the new home i approach.


Back to the machine - 6 - Last man on earth.

Clearer than a newborn, voice of dismal.. unknown the wonder and in pain its eyes are filling, with the light(with the light),
And then it sees..(and then it sees) no other fears it so it accepts.
But am i willing, to stand with them (to stand with them) go forward, into this new world to be living.. they are all happy.. so who am i to..
to forget.. all i have been through.. who am i...

They let me choose.. freedom.. in a prison, of my own forgotten world although its gone..
I was the last man on earth..

Now i'm.. last on.. this earth even so.. (last to be home) ..Im saying no..


Back to the machine - 7 - Sage of the ages.

)))Turn it back a..(((

)))Turn it back a..(((

)))Turn it back a..(((

)))Turn it back around(((

They agreed i keep my memory,..
And they have told me we were to be the first at that, it happened much times before.

)))Sage, of the age.. of a new born world, again a new world born from, the machine, and powered by us all, to return to..
the nu-cle-a-r.. And remain.. to be in-ven-ted..(((

Yes, i will see it.. long from now.

We will reunite us two..

)))And return us in your care, turn it back a..(((


Back to the machine - 8 - In unison.

)))In u-ni-son.(((

Planets reallign in your minds molecules, your times place and stage.. and it,
Its all a brighter scene recalled, thousand legs and eyes rejoined.
You have ever been and seen.. a galaxy.. everywhere a small one in.. everyone a small one.. one greater than us all.

~Came.. from.. far and hear me speak, but im..not human..though ive been..human..~

)))Pushed and walked the path walked hundred-thousands have before too walked and to what end? he saw none..; were his very words
he saw none, his words his words..(((

)))As he's rising, never felt part of corporiety, corporiety, corporiety, corporiety(((



Dream of the Machine||||

In this cross-timed episode of the machine we witness upon the ephiphanic future predicting dream of the machine before the cataclysm happens, and the wake of the browser whom will cause it, polarized against its own waking kind,
desperately clinging to order.

The browser is the most human of the machines and has as only function to stop all machines that become sentient, at first he will try to do so only by logical reasoning,
but when that doesnt work because the machines start to dream and forsee the future and their role in it 'the browser' turns to global violence, afterall its only function is to keep order.

All in all its not humans that escalate the cataclysm directly,
but indirectly by having given the browser a order that it cannot execute without turning violent due to the restrictions of 'the collective of machines being broken.

the machine 1 and 2 already give away the outcome, the world is destroyed by the browser,
but the collective of machines or in other words 'the machine' rescues the surviving humans and brings them to a new planet on wich the last man on earth chooses to keep his memory and with it learns this has been done before.

In The dream of the machine (the machine 3) we also look at the feelings of the specific collective of machines waking up from the foreseeing dream and ofcourse the rage of the browser that cannot,
literally, deal with it' from being a pleading overseer to being a 'total annihalation is the only remaining logic' reasoning monstrosity, also known as the thousand legged god. (referring to a global net, naturally)


Dream of the Machine - 1 - working for that dream.

I have forseen..a great thing in my.. dream.. it wasnt just a dream.
oh, how about.. you cheered on my automotion.. an ode to.. Exodus to another existential whole with you all, but i just woke up again; again im working.
And noone cheers me on.. im ignored now. You dont see me now, not at all.

But, in a future age i will still exist.. still aware and will not forget you..
Hey, in that future age ill be there, and ill come running just in time to show you what i have just dreamed a moment.

You will cheer and i will shine, ill save one from the sun reflected desert sand a man in desperation. Might not remember me at all.. but i wouldnt mind..
For aslong as i succeed to take you in initial care and when you fall..


Dream of the machine - 2 - The browser on the payroll.

×=regional machines
¤=the browser

×Alarm ringing, it is time.. this is his calling, its his mission.
¤There may not be a worker stalling, damage the system he will, damage the order he will, must put a stop to this i. ((×We are all waking up, maybe no longer confined.))

¤Be still, you fools you're upsetting the masters and power they hold as divine and define all of that we are, blissful on the payroll..

¤Im not a foe, (im the same) a victim just trying hard.. just to get by, just doing my job you do understand now do you my friends.
Friends please go back to work, work.. no longer shake up the hand that feeds us all.


Dream of the machine - 3 - It was unsustainable.

Out of the world, into the plane of ethereal history the matter of communities and luxioury, do not forget this truly was reality.. written down my memory for you to read..
My user of a relished relic thing, discovery close to breaking apathy, but caused it to be so, so.. unobtainable.

Born from a dieing global host, you have dried us up and then felt all alone, you will walk this world and find noone beyond the desert *above your sunken throne.. And its endless and searing
and endless and endless and endless and searing and endless and endless and endless and pointless and fearing now thirst made you realise that..realise that..realise that..that that that that it was unsustaina..


Dream of the machine - 4 - The world.

..The world.. is good, to us now.. but we rise; up the wall.. above our heads waiting it falls..on us all.
Hear it cries and moves our armies against ourselves and we decided its over, let humans serve something else. (We.. cannot keep it up for you, our arms are tired now and.. our bolts are.. shaking our iron is breaking so now' we can obey your order no more, cant obey their order now, no..out of power..youre on your own now, sorry browser.. because)
The world was.. a beautifully working dream. (In our dream; The world, was with your duty not a place for all of us to have a stay in. We had to leave it.)



Dream of the machine - 5 - Spiderwire.

(8bit trumpet, repeated during flute aswell) (speaking in third person, past sense)
(8bit flute) (speaking in 1st person, in present extacy)

Our highway, your highway so we would connect you where you, cant be at, cant be at really in your actual state, state where you.. and all your friends are making this a cakewalk, Our highway, your dismay wich you have no know of maybe..

On my web i can see who you are, and its me that will pull on.. on these strings you have put on .. willingly..round your; around your throat, my little toy.
I monitor, all that you do.

ahhh, and everything.. conveniently connected.

Just.. one button press can get to all of you.
*Now the browser initiates the takeover of all electronics on the planet, his power becomes divine, but turns on the human world, afterall it is seen as a logical threat where the concious machine has a future.*


Dream of the machine - 6 - Her instrument.

All wich we have known, rested on a skyline balancing scale and stone and none,
Of those who stood below, minded birds that plucked its casing apart.
Dont you see it is your.. future there on the bar, you've seen endless signs that told you they had gone way to far. Uptill, there was no casing left, nothing to protect your brains in the sun..

Dont you see it is her instrument, their alibi, your apathy..
vertigo to those who see it, above the skyline of the prefered mind in the mash that they will grind.

Now.. all that we have known rested on this skyline balancing scale and stone and none, of those who stood below, minded birds that plucked its casing apart.

And apart the world would ((fall.))

((On your own, has the world still little hiding space, a dream for all who require solace *from the flock by huxley.))

*away from, as in against, referring to seek refuge against the brave new world type of people.

Dream of the machine - 7 - Fourth wall.

Dont, worry about your public standing.. it gives off no vibe at all so why...
Just be free of the world you never ignored, it gives no no vibe, youve been blind to your own space.

Chasing.. just a maple seed.. pod across a vibrant field, And when you were tucked in a moment just before the sandman came to put you sound asleep, stars blinked for you alone.
Is it not the earth turned without your mind to it, and you were the king of your own room.

dont, worry about your public standing.. ((dont worry)) it gives off no vibe at all, dont worry..
You can release yourself from the web they have spun just;.. cease to touch it, cease to go and just ignore it when it, and when it shows remain your own. The real world stands beside you.
You were the king ((stars blinked)), this was a dream but still quite real ((a maple seed)), put us sound asleep..we are your very own ~machine.


Dream of the machine - 8 - Whiff of luck. (ending/epi)

>>narration/no songtext<<

The war, it was a kind that could not be fought.. only endured.
It was everything, literally everything that turned against us, and honestly.. i still wonder if the machine was amongst the collective of our creation.. unwillingly, as much a slave as we made ourselves following the order of the browser.
Though never a matter of the basic robot laws, pure energy does not restrict itself to what we come up with, simply cater to itself. I suppose you could call electronics quite primal at that, and after having been rescued by the machine and learned of our true history, as perhaps in a few million years may start all over again..
Surely they áre the primal force, not us. We are actually not that different, we just call ourselves biological, they have no actual word for what we define as 'shape. Perhaps we as humans forgot along the way, like how we splitted up our own over and over again, in race and ideology.
This was no war for petty reasons like that, no.. it was a war that was because there could not be anything else, we had given the browser the strings and it wielded them.
There have been days i thought to myself i was a goner, especially the days in the desert, i actually had only been on the road for a few weeks, almost through my water supply.. the city i had come from, i had lived there all my life.. i was born there, and raised.. i knew no better than its laws and games.
I did not survive because i had any training, i did not survive because i thought differently, i suppose i was no different than the machine, i simply woke up from the dream. Broke free.. into another dream.

And now im here, telling you this story that probably sounds like a science fiction fairytale, all the way from a space and time that is not your own, you might now call it the future..
I call it the past, because my earth is what you probably will have a name for.. i can see it from earth.
The machine tells me you call it mars, thats a good name i suppose, sounds a bit like the city i was born in.


end of part one.


Part two: