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Posted by Calamaistr - July 16th, 2018

And here it is, an album you could consider the daughter of the machine series.

'A moment passed' is a more than cryptic advice; despite it might look science fiction by genre.. i asure you it is the truest tale i have ever told.

If you heed it, perhaps let it inspire you by example.. it should change your life, give you your sight, heal your wounds.

Its inspiration did mine.

Tomorrow, i shall sever the cable of internet (i have never owned wifi in my life, nor a cellphone since 2001) from my pc indefinately and move my pc to another room where it will function as a trophy and perhaps a stereotower kind of tool instead of as an externalized copy of my mind to the whims and will of dataminers, excuse my french.. i meant artificial intelligence ofcourse. Metaphors aside.. i long for the day you all decide to do the same, or are made to by a solar flare. Do not set your trust and dependance on artificial machinery while you are the owner of the most sophisticated but more importantly resonating machines already; the human body. Your disconnect from it and yourselves is caused by your mesmerization away from it. Negligence of such authenticity is your obstacle in attaining happiness. No substitute will amount to it. Follow me.




Posted by Calamaistr - April 15th, 2018

Expressing some elements of life.

Taking the shape of water, dealing with the machines, the winds of boldness, a burning ambition, and life as a whole.. ; its the toughest thing you'll ever do.


WATER https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/801061

EARTH https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/801063

WIND https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/801194

FIRE https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/802113

LIFE https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/805153



Listen very carefully as i state this and realize i am dead serious; This is it, i have periodically dwindled my use of external senses and behaviors, i have not owned a cellphone since 2001, i have removed my facebook for 3 months now, i quit gaming for 2 weeks and unplugged my playstation 4 pro now, and today is the day i will unplug my internet cable from my pc permanently. I am a hostage of my photography and music that resides on its harddrive so it would be too much ( too personally taxing) to actually unplug my pc.. which i may still use more and more rarily to work with, however.. The internet, or better known as the false reality, the third reality.. has to be removed from my life, so i can live again. In the past few years i have done more and more sports, taken more care of my appearance, by many practices i have become more adult in my mind and act. It will not be a too hard transition to finalize. There used to be but two realities, the wake world and the sleep. Why did we ever need a third? There is no argument that can keep me. I couldnt care less about missing an update as i already do not use social media anymore, looking something up ill do in a calm fashion at the library from now on, or ask passerby's of age that wont emediately reach for their cellphone with an uninterested gaze. Remember, if you too want to do this.. dont do it while you dont have anything else to do, and understand that the internet uses your friends and family against you, telling you it is just people connecting with people. The reality is it is replacing your physical pressence, its an emulation, artificial. You settle for the chinese phoney version of a product that is life. This is it my friends. See you on the other side for those who follow. :)



Posted by Calamaistr - April 30th, 2017

Dear Calamaistr fans, the long wait is over both for you and me.. or atleast as far as the OST goes. The game is waiting for greenlight on steam.


External visions is an absolutely fantastic (and i dont just say this because ive worked for this project but because im truly impressed) game created by Karlo(minotaur on ng)(animator, incredible work) and Manolis tsamis(coder, doing pure magic on the game) and i was honored with the task of creating its official soundtrack which i have now completed.


I will be uploading the tracks to YT (which goes a lot faster -_- )  and then retire fully my job as Videogame composer because i want to focus on the physical life and turn away from digital things. Ive started boxing for a few months now (as i write this 3 months so far) and i want to focus on it alot more to get connected with my physical self again as the internet had me living in not much else beyond my thoughts. I cant say that ill never make music again but even if thats the case then i hope you have and will enjoy my established work.


Heres the YT link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIlmFf34Fh8


Posted by Calamaistr - April 13th, 2017

Just so people know im busying about.

greets. -Cal.

Posted by Calamaistr - April 13th, 2017



11> Puffer. (Sam somam leaves Anis grav and joins Aenimcea directly, then kills Hecariël to destroy Lone's morale.)

-: "You would do well to shut your mouth, you pathetic little bird"
"You betrayed your own, together with him.. did you not"

What are you talking about.. betrayal... ??.. we but survived Janus"

-: "Deluded angel, noone ever targetted you.. yet you fought.. even on the side of Nebuchadnezzar.. against your supreme command.."
"Oh yes, it is my expertise to know these things"

"Who are you.."

-: "Sam somam, grand librarian of Hura, but you.. you are a spec from Hura.. a beautiful little statue of the gods" "You have no meaningful history"
"Arent you the daughter of the late great Ezegiel?" "How does it feel.. that no history remains but my knowledge of it.."
Continued Somam..
"Does it draw you to me?"

"Where am i anyway, let me out of these"

-: "No no no no no.. pretty girl.. You're not going anywhere.. only the lucky get out of here.." replied Somam.

?: "Just get it over with, i hate it when you play with people" A voice behind Somam emitted. "It worry's me if you're actually healthy in your head to talk to them at all"

-: "In a moment" Sam sighed. "History needs form, let me give that form to its actions"
"Where did you send the other one anyway"

?: "To the north" "Right into a division of Behi."

-: "You should have just put him in here aswell" "History likes drama" Sam somam noted walking toward the girl.

"You're talking of lone ...arent you.." The girl cried..
"He wont fall for your trap, he wont disappear from your precious history.. he will change it."



"Odyses, she might have been right you know.." "He might not fall for your trap"

"So, he got lucky then" Odyses laughed.

Sam somam could not help but feel greatly annoyed at the foolishness of Esys alliance; Odyses, he felt he would not bear the service of Anis grav anylonger and thus set out to the hotskinned man. "Aenimcea"
[20 days later, northern kenai mountain slope.]

-"I bring you news that i have set up a ploy to break their spirit, powerful lord""In fact i will let you break mine, accept me in your service"
"I cannot serve one that looks up to others"

"So you're a top dog.." "But 'why would you want to be in my service" sighed Aenimcea..

-"I have leeched off the knowledge of men to understand the Denimus, it all came down to the action of a single individual..
But he did not understand the meaning of it all, you do.. you understand the possibilities."

The hotskinned man stood up from its resting.. "It is not about possibility, it is about longing, longing to meet with possibility.. we all long to find the direction, and how far we can gaze into it"
"I 'saw you with Anis, you do interest me but you'll have to convince me"

-"I have confirmed my contact to have had one of your enemies in captivity, an angel girl.. possibly the last celestial that had not joined Esys..  
'Odyses.. he told me she was with the bright haired roamer, the old prince." "That was the last she uttered, this will break his will to come after you"

12> The return. (Lone and Sidel find and join Figo and Selen, Lone promises them he will join them against Aenimcea on a specific night.)

In an underground crevice and cave, finally.. Lone and Sidel had by no mistake uncovered the location of the old king Evrae kseres.
Further back in sat his loyal and brave personal guard Orobas, still unknown to Lone and sidel to have been Selen, princess of trine, sister of Kyigei.

Lone and Sidel made both to be exhilarant in their reunion and rejoin, but what Evrae had to say was much troubling.

To the northeast, the ancient ruins of Emper.. a nation long gone since the days of King Osega of Trine, housed the original Denimus device that once spawned forth the god golem Icle.
Lone remembered this creature all to well. (see TTC CHGENERO)
Aenimcea, the hot skinned man.. was determined to activate it, that much was understood.

"Lone, we cant sit idly by.. if this beast man wishes to set the whole thing in motion all over again, we have to go to Emper and stop him.."
"All my men would die a second death to do so..besides it is my personal responsibility" Noted Evrae.

"Why is that so, exactly" Sidel queried.

"Because, and forgive me for keeping this from you.. i did that not to aggrevate you by grace of Trine.. I am Empers old lord.."
Evrae continued.. "I was not always a kind lord, but this was because i struggled against my council.. one that was led by magic crazy sorcerors who craved naught but magical power and spectacle"
"In the end, for my disagreement concerning Eden.. " Kseres turned to lone for a moment.. "They punished me with the vim lavos.. a magical poison that has no cure"
"This is.." Kseres stopped for a moment and turned its head toward Orobas in the corner..  "Why what you see before you now, is undead.."

"I didnt know" Lone apoligised emediately.. "Did my daughter know?"

"Your daughter" Evrae said in concern.. "The truth is she was not your daughter" "I should have told you"
"She only said so to feign right to Edens throne, the truth is her taint was from the vim lavos"

Lone felt stunned, did this mean.. Princess jui having lied about her heritage to him.. had heritage to Emper...? Perhaps even to..

"This cannot be" Lone intruded pacing. "She had the late princess blood, she had Selens eyes.."

"Yes..she did" Said Orobas from the corner. "And i left to Emper because i 'already loved its ruler, Figo"

"My old name" Evrae sighed..

Lone started to understand.. Orobas stood up and walked toward him without his helmet.. beside its old undead face still adorned the same beautiful golden hair..
This was no man, this was a woman.. this was Selen...

"My father would never have agreed, Trine and Emper werent at good terms." She then turned to Sidel. "My brothers deaths.. were not your fault, they were mine."
"And now by the vim lavos, i suffer its concequence together with your lord before you.."
[2 days later]

Having settled down  Lone, Sidel, Figo and Selen had agreed to ..together' commit to a full on attack on Emper's region to stop Aenimcea from whatever intentions he had with the Denimus device.

"We need to stop the destruction of all of Edin, all of my men.. undead or no will join" Evrae cheered on.
"The enemy has machines unknown to this world, but my blade will resist them." Selen followed.
"My darkness will have to be stilled in its fire, this foe i have already fought and will not fear" Sidel replied.
"On the day its night, one of them told me, so be it.. i promise ill be there" Lone ensured.

"I promise, but i need to go somewhere else first" .."its important to me" distancing himself toward the cave's exit..

"Where exactly is that Lone.." Figo asked worried, placing his hand on Lones shoulder..
"We shouldnt split up again, not anymore"

Lone kept moving regardless and admitted; "There is this girl, the daughter of a old friend from Hura.." "They resided in the south, i have not found her.. or trace"
"One of their kin is truly near, in the swamp of the old Owls desert" "He lied to me in my search, i need to know why"

"Then i will come with you" Sidel called out and picked up his blade and attire, running after him.

"I promise, Figo. Once i found her, i will be at Emper." Lone still emitted as he left the crevice.

Vasals from four different times reunited in one, Figo at its head readied his undead kin for the coming assault on Emper. Trusting Lone and Sidel's swift return.



13> Close and Equal. (Sidel has found Anis grav and Sasariël secluded by Sam somam's leave, he kills Sasariël and wounds Anis grav, ; Lone speaks to the wounded Anis grav, finding out the truth about Sam somam and what he did to Hecariël, After this Anis grav kills himself by removing his helmet)

"Stay away from my lord" The skeletal celestial warned.. "Not one more step"

"Careful.. Sasariel.." "He carries a cloak of dark" Anis grav coughed.. planted against the rocks in the barren northern stretch of owls.

"Sidel.." Lone noted.. "Feel free to.. kill the warden, but leave Anis to me" "He is the only one here who may know where she is"

It was but a short fight, Sasariel might have been the guardian of underworlds entrance.. Sidel carried a true darkness from the depths of hybernaculuüm..
It pierced even the lesser dark of the but cursed. Engulfing it blazed amongst them.. as the wings of a murder blotting out the sun.
Sidel had changed to be the master of his affliction.


"Wait.." Anis grav pleaded to Lone as he sat on the ground in defeat.. "He's not here"
"Somam.. He joined with the fallen firegod.. The one called Aenimcea.."

"What are you talking about.. you dare to act surrendered?" Lone yelled while kicking Anis grav over.
"Noone is fooled, we are 'both here for answers"

"Then tell me!" "Where is Janus?!"
Anis uttered as Sasariel fell before him by Sidel's blade. Anis did not even seem to mind it anylonger..

"That is the big joke.." Lone sighed grabbing Anis by his suit pulling him closer.. "On Hura..."

Anis sat silent.. He had traveled all this way to Edin in search of his new lord only to find out he never left Hura..
And now the only way back... was through the last Denimus that was about to be the center of battle.. Not that Aenimcea would ever let him..

"Lone" ... Anis sighed deeply.. "It was Somam all along.. he has gone to ..  ..his friend Odyses.. the girl never left his house.."
"But.. I.. "  "I cannot exist without a lord you see.. i was but a slave to the will of the gods.." "This was never about my alliegance"

Anis slowly took off his helmet..

Now Lone understood why Anis had done everything.. including laying waste throughout his path in desperation.

Anis his face was old and pale, even falling appart..

"I cannot exist.. without a lord.. Janus.....  i was given to him by the will of the late Barheire.."

"It no longer matters.. I had but days.. with some luck.." "But to go back to Hura.. ...its over"

Anis fell backward besides his guardian.

"What will you do" Sidel queried turning to Lone as his dark cloak decreased its volume. "Tomorrow will be the day it is night, you promised the undead king"

What could Lone do.. there was only one thing to do.. join the battle against Aenimcea at the ruined capital of Emper ..

"I cant.." Lone replied against his will and honor.. "I cant hold my promise" as he started walking toward the southwest..

"The angel girl?" Sidel called after him.

Lone looked back one more time and answered; "The angel girl"

14> Fury ends with you. (Against his promise to join the battle. Lone strays from his timescheme and tracks down Sam somam then executes him after he refuses to tell lone where Hecariëls body is, this makes lone unable to attend the battleplan)

The golden house in the swamp.. he had been there before.. was she there.. should he have seen through Odyses his lies?.. should he have stormed into the rooms, the stairways, the cellars.. as he had done in the church of Ter amok..
Could she still be in there after all this time..

Now arrived, Lone would lose all hope..
In front of the golden house the statue was covered in blood.. in its arms it held the lifeless body of Odyses himself..
It did not bode well..

 "Luck has reunited you once again" was written before him, likely with his blood.

Inside the house stood a figure at the far end of the room before a grand glass in lead arc..

"So, it took you this long to figure it out" The figure spoke as he turned around removing a head cloth..
"You dont remember me, but i know more about your kind than you think"

"My name is Somam, but a scholar ..true.. but one that holds the understanding of all that has come to pass"

"Does that include where Hecariël is?!" Lone yelled in anger.. "You better not have done the same to her!"

"But i have!" Somam replied.. "Are you not curious why i would go to these lenghts, just for you?"

Was this man insane?, what deranged plan could justify killing her..of all people..

"You see, when a man of power plots.. they plot to gain something" Somam continued undaunted.. "When a man of wisdom plots, they plot merely to move pieces of the game"
"And so you have moved to me"

"To rip your throat out from you" Lone interrupted rushing toward Somam.

"Yes" Somam laughed as Lone wrapped his hands around his neck.. "And thus you will never know where her body is"

"Then let it be your final words" Lone spat without pause as he threw Somam into a pillar.. to unsheathe his blade.
"I may not understand a thing about you, scheming monster.."

"Then think about it.." Somam responded relatively calm still laughing.. "You will kill me?  History wont mind it,  do it.. but with me will die the only account. ..the only one with knowledge of it all"

"TELL ME WHERE HER BODY IS" Lone yelled on top of his lungs as he bashed Somams head through the glass in lead arc..

Somam stumbled away from Lone's trembling grip "No no no.." .. "That would ruin the story"

Holding his sword to somams neck Lone stood petrified.. this man.. had been scheming it all, since the early days of Dam.. he had caused Dimudu's madness, he had steered Ume's research on the Denimus in Eliu..
He had played with the Denimus.. and the Roamers.. and even with all of Edin.. just to have.. a story??

"Do you think i would let you do that" Somam smiled.. "Was it not wonderous"

"And now it will end with fire.."


"You are a beast, you did not record the history of our worlds.. you fabricated it." Lone concluded as he rose his blade..
"I may not make it to the battle, but i trust your ending will be thwarted, for i believe in my friends" "And you wont be here to record it."

"I know" Somam said now with a serious tone. "The true evils of a universe that eats itself are those who witness it."

Briefly Lone hesitated then cutted clean.
prelude to 15: Empers embers:
The Battle had already started, Sidel would come just in time as the armies of his undead king.. also known as Evrae Kseres would clash into thousands of burning machines dorned Curu behi.. protecting their demigod.. Aenimcea' as he worked to activate the last Denimus.
Aenimcea had found alliance with the warlocks of said capital serving Oji che whom would join in his protection and appointed Emper forests warrior champion' Tabieto to the task of leading the Curu behi against siege.


15> Empers Embers. (The great battle)

But much unlike his expectation Sidel  had still come too late, the woods of Emper were lit with the golden glow of a soaring fire, the sharp metal sounds still rose up from the chaos snapped him out of his serenity of disbelief letting him realise the chaos ensued.
Yes, too late.. as he rushed gracefully through Evrae's undead and Aenim's curu behi machines.. noticing the splatter in one of the pockets of room between, Evrae's guardian Orobas.. only just to have been revealed to be the dissapeared Selen of Trine butchered, with her sword still stuck unforgiven by her cold grasp like a painting..
Only a slight further by another pocket the remains of Aenim's freshly appointed general of battle.. the woodland champion Tabieto.. he had been slaughtered mercilessly by a hateful three pronged wound, signature of Evrae's spear. He had gotten his revenge.

"The F#!CK are you standing there for, over here ..Sidel!!"
a all to familiar voice pierced the moment of fluid regret losing its grip on reality oncemore..

And just in time, Sidel could barely dodge the razor sharp blades of an onslaught in number, the machines knew no fatigue. Quickly he slided under them as they clashed into the just as persistant undead, landing next to Evrae behind a waist high lump of dirt.

"I.. im sorry about .." "I just arrived, but Lone.. he wouldnt..well.. the angel girl.."

"Will you shut it already" Evrae interrupted Sidel as if he had already expected to go against all odds..
"I need you to be yourself" "No.. I need you to be what you truly are" "We need to push through right now, its just one more.."

"What do you mean" Sidel pondered being at a loss regardless of his skill, the undead would never be enough, the machines would simply use the parts of the fallen ones beside them to repair eachother and fight on a never ending resistance..
could two ..though greatly experienced men truly push through a wall of metal that sliced through bone?

"I.. cant" Sidel panicked.. "We cant Evrae.. be realistic, we have to wait for lone.."

Evrae grabbed Sidels hair "Hell we will, when i just said i needed you to be yourself i meant use the darkness you have gained, use it.!!"

Sidel understood, but he had tapped into the last of his energy fighting the corpse angel Sasariël.. he was simply done. "I cant use it anymore, im afraid the curse has dried up"

"Not if i give you mine" Evrae insisted..

The Vim lavos.. Evrae's undead curse.. if Evrae would give him that, his new powers could run rampant.. but that would mean...

"It would kill me..."

Sidel looked Evrae in the eyes...

"But it never has done to you.."

"Very well" Sidel wholeheartedly consented.. "For Lone.."

"Nah" Evrae joined.. "For the sake of the world again"

Evrae placed his hand on Sidel's face and in a swift movement stabbed himself through his palm engulfing him in the curse of the vim lavos living in place of Evrae's absent blood..
The result could not have been forseen.. Instead of gaining the curse of the vim lavos.. Sidel's dark curse emediately leeched Evrae's curse dry, making itself master over it.

Renewed and much empowered, Sidel's dark curse though still moved by his will in a wisp coexistance lifted his body up into the air on a zound unseen legs of the darkest smoke, bending slightly over the metal and undead that were but a pool of ants to it.. and moved forward..
"This ..is it.." Evrae coughed struggling after it toward the temple in the distance where Aenimcea would be tampering with the final Denimus device..

His loyal mindless.. the apocalyptic army of Curu behi machines posed a threat no longer, Sidel.. carried by the risen embodiment of darkness itself moved forward fearlessly, pushing, imploding, disintegrating anything in its way..


Then, at the very steps to the temple.. one last obstacle remained.

Oji che. The arch mystic of Emper, he who had governed the wizards of Emper's control on Evrae when he still ruled as a human..emperor Figo.. It was Oji che who now controlled the Curu behi with a mighty conjuration..
Unintimidated he turned to Sidel and in but a single redirecting cast of of his magick crushed the darkness to earth..

"If anything uses the powers of the unseen realm here, it is my incantation" The arch mystic hackled in a misplaced cheerfulness.

"Go.. i will.. do what i can" Sidel emitted standing back on his feet, still bent forward and in pain.. his faithful scimitar in hand.
And by no warning bumrushed toward Oji che who now had no choice than turn toward him, dropping the incantation and with it the whole army in the plains..

Together they fell to the ground, Oji che with Sidel's scimitar through him neck to chest.. Sidel truly exhausted.

"I will end this, you wont go in vain.." Evrae comforted Sidel.. he himself struggling to stay upright..
"Though it might have killed me too"

"Its fine"... Sidel said in pain.. still trying for a smile.. "right?"
"Just.." "Figo..." "I used to know someone just like you two.."

"Who?" Evrae (Figo) replied..

Sidel groaned as his blood started leaking out from the corner of his mouth in his deadly embrace..
"Ill see him again right?" "Kyigei" "The reason i joined lone.." was because he reminded me of him"

"Lone"... Evrae sighed, and briefly sat down beside Sidel.. "I once wanted to be like him"
"But now ... that im human again... how can i.."...  "Sidel?"... "...."...

Evrae rose up.. and turned toward the stairs of the temple..

Sidel was no more, and the eerie silence cryed the louder.



16> (Ending) The day its night. (Lone confronts Aenimcea) .

"Stop you fucking fiend" Evrae kseres yelled as he crawled through the temple's entrance bloodied..
before him at the end of the well lit room Aenimcea stood tending to his effigy; the glorious mother of all Denimus.

"You are too late" Aenimcea calmly growled. "But i am really impressed you made it through"
"Ready to see the best part, the moment that the Denimus will finally remove the barriers between worlds, space.. and time"
"so coming to a close a grand life of these universae, to return us all to what we truly are.."

"We are not all roamers" Evrae coughed lifting his spear..

"Truly.." Aenimcea answers as calm.. "You still think you can stop it"

Then just for a moment time could convince you it had ceased.. the two men's gaze meet and know there is no other way.

With all his strenght Evrae throws his trident spear right at Aenimcea as he cries out "For Lone i will"
Then his uncursed mortal body smashes into the entrance's pillar behind him, a hole burned through his whole chest..
Aenimcea had in the same moment fired a concentrated burst of blazing light..

Then as the at long last death came to Evrae..

Aenimcea slowly turned around toward the Denimus device...

Evrae's spear had pierced its heart, resting pole deep through its center.
/music end/
/following segment after music, in silence/
The day after lone walked through the heaps of dead, pitch black tar bled machines, sanguine field of his family.

"Selen" He noticed her as he pushed onward... "My sweet...Selen"

"Sidel..." He paused at his old friend's body. "I.. should have been here"..
Feelings of immense guilt tormented him as he entered the temple..

"Even Evrae..." He was shocked to find, ridden of his immortal curse, now dead.

"And Aenimcea" ... sitting on the floor still at the Denimus damaged beyond repair..

"Kill me then" Aenimcea sighed.. "What does it truly matter now"

Lone sat down beside Aenimcea.
"It wont"
He realised they were the only two people left in the area, and both roamers.. for some reason regardless of what had happened he felt more at ease not to strike.
Besides, he had quenched his revenge on Somam.

Aenimcea turned his head toward lone and questioned him..
"Do you feel it was just to kill your enemy".. "And have me.. kill your friends"

Lone looked back at Aenimcea .. shortly paused in thought and then replied..
"The true evils of a universe that eats itself are those who witness it".



At the edge of the woods sat a man gazing upon the skyline of Dam, behind him a contraption connected to the mountains of Edin.
His posture devastated, his beliefs destroyed, in front of him the distance toward the capital.

Perhaps he had once meant to insult the roamers directly, but his opponent had interpeted these words differently.

His story would have no purpose afterall, as who would mind it if those who had been tormented by it most did not acknowledge it..
One who did cut clean, beside him.

"You were right... Dimudu" Somam cried in existential agony.. then threw himself off the cliffs. ))

Posted by Calamaistr - April 13th, 2017

The Timecrafter: Night 02-10

02> The deceased.

Infinitely sidel had existed in Hybernaculuüm, his skin had turned pale and his eyes black as deep space.. but he did dream..

First, he saw the coming of a fire so fierce it surrounded the world, it was an angry fire.. a vicious blaze that wished nothing more than to engulf it in death.
A fire that longed for the cold after, as if it required but a breeze in eternity to ease itself for but a moment.

Far beyond the world Sidel watched from what felt like a persistent abyss, a deep hole in space.. compressed.. confined, within a looking glass.
Then beside him stood a boy he had not seen in what had felt like an eternity, and with a mere glance Sidel knew.. 'Lone..' he had returned.

Then, as if a billion stars at once had stopped reflecting light Sidel's eyes opened rupturing the boundaries of the Hybernaculuüm and found himself to be sitting in a vast meadow.. its grass dancing in the strong wind.. and the scent of Edin oncemore..
But on the horizon was a barren sight, as if the world had turned upside down during his absence..

03> Dead kings.

"That boy, that dread met boy.." "How could this world have loved him so and see how the heavens have crashed onto us"
Ivory rested flat on the cold stone floor.. "Would you not think so my trusted ....friend" and sighed with sorrow..

"I once knew him as a prospect" Said Orobas, Ivory's Guardsman beside him. "I hope you wont mind if i.. lower myself to say"

"No its allright .." replied Ivory kseres.. "Talk, it will be music on the endless rain"

"Very well" proceeded orobas.. "My lord.. no.., my.. dear.. Figo.."
"I was but a young girl when you took me in.. fearing every kingdom on our globe.. and even though my father wanted me to be with.. Lone..
..I.." "I saw in his eyes he was no man of our world, and i stayed with you always.. And you were good to me even in your madness.. since the day you took me in"
"and even protected me against your own council.. and the wizards... and i protected you when they they poisoned you then, and threw you out into the desert as dead.."

"Now let me say..  i know hes still out there, and i know you feel it too.. i know the storm has not taken us to its center yet, but it will.. for this world has to learn .. why"

Ivory kseres/Figo, old king of Ember.. remained silent for a bit.. sat up slightly and allowed a tear of dust from his undead eyes..
"But this poison*, it also kept me to care for you Selen*.."
*the vim lavos, poison that makes the victim old but also undead*  *Daughter of Osega, Sister of Kyigei and Aman, did not have right to the throne but was 'officially' given to Eden who would have her marry to Lone, in ancient times.*
"And though it might have taken your beauty too.. i can see it still, and so would Lone.. if what we feel is true"

04> Reason in Inferno.

"Lone" "I know you did not forget me"
"Lone" "We were once brothers"
*chronicle of Aenimcea*

The day Lone had dissapeared from the face of planet Edin as thousands of Denimus entered its orbit, in reunion he instantly knew his true heritage..
He had been lucky to have appeared on Edin as a child, for his true form included a gemini.. as wasn't uncommon in the creation of roamers.
A being burning with the fire that had eluded Lone keeping him pure, a being determined to force back the Denimus perhaps more fierce than even Ega..
His name was Aenimcea, and regardless of his nature and knowing Lone would try to stop him.. he was determined definitely..to finish Ega's strife; regain his soul and sever the boundaries of time.
And took Lone's place that fateful day, ejected in Hura, Ironically Edin's twin planet.

Soon he had learned of the Denimus existence in Edin, and knew he needed the help of one who had been hidden by Lone himself.*

*TTC-Underworld tells of Lone's assistance in nebuchadnezzars escape, this was part of the celestial rebellion after the fall of the sages worship (by eluiscers death in TTC-Domus). The gods had returned and the highest god "An ruerim" took stance against the Denimus, having traced them to Edin..
However the god of doors and portals Janus sided with the Denimus and impersonated An ruerims command to destroy him from within Starting with the deaths of Nebuchadnezzar and An ruerim himself; the rebellion was born and fought on Edin soil, joined by Anis grav, Esys and Sasariel. Eventually partially put down through immense effort by An ruerim's second; Ezegiel, celestial high commander; Uriël boriël, Lone and Ezegiels daughter Hecariël.
Not even halfway the war Lone had managed to succeed in a ploy to trap Janus within a powerful mirror dimension. Anis grav usurped power and went on a rampage destroying Nearly all of Edin trying to find Janus."

05> Aim for the heart.
(lone revived, lost in the mountains of kenai, meets an angelic huntress named Hecariël.)

This is.. Eden kenai, no mistake about it.

Lone said to himself as he rose up from the reasonably uncomfortable rocky soil from what felt to have been a very long sleep..
But it had changed, as the skies breathed a different air and no longer remained Eden's grassy smell.
Then a group of local wildlife sprung and ran past the meadow below.
A hunter had been spotted, and revealed itself to the wind.. but as the hunter turned its senses toward his location; Lone noticed this was no ordinary person.
In the tall dead grass stood a figure of beauty, engulfing Lone with powerful radiance. An angel with the purest golden hair garbed with a cloth that seemlessly formed into soft snow white wings no larger than a small bird's.

As much as Lone was frozen in his gaze on her, she too remained still as if time had locked and would not release unless they moved but toward eachother.

Down the slope of mountain kenai Lone had walked to her guided by fate.

She was his dear old friend; Hecariël, the daughter of Ezekiel who had fled from Hura during the angelic war..
She explained Her people's current situation, namely that their planet had fallen to the struggle (for power between two ancient factions and a group of rebels from both that after the fall of the mystic's reign (Eluiscer) were released and fighting over the Denimus.
There was the faction of 'An ruerim' the highest authority on law, spearheaded by 'Uriel-Boriel' a powerful angelic army commander.. and Nebuchadnezzar Underworlds escapee backed by his son and a army of sympathisants. Then the faction of Janus the authority of portals and gateways that had claimed rights to the throne on terms of An ruerim's bad judgement wich he personally perpetuated impersonating him toppled it alltogether.
Lone was not unfamiliar to these tales but knew the truth as he personally had not only fought for the release of Nebuchadnezzar in underworld, Hura's most well guarded prison.. but had personally seen to it Janus was trapped in a magical maze called the garden of infinity. \TTC-underworld aftermath)
That Anis grav, Underworld's final victim.. however.. was still alive and had taken up on Janus's ambition was new to Lone.
From Lone's own memory, Janus had seen Nebuchadnezzars escape from underworld as An ruerim being weak and thus not fit for rule, however Anis grav was but Barheire's (underworlds warden) guard..
What could still move Anis grav to fight?..still revenge? had Hura truly been destroyed completely?
Or would he only come to Edin for the sake of finding Janus as his new master..

Lone was left with more questions than answers, thus agreed to follow Hecariël to Ter Amok, Eden's abandoned border village where Ezekiel; now the leader of the refugees' had settled.


06> Pause to elegy.
(at a church lone speaks to Ezegiel, who fights Anis grav whom together with Sam somam, Sasariël, Esys and Curu behi ravages Edin and with it An ruerim's angelic remnants trying to find Janus)


And so Lone and Hecariël had entered Ter Amok's Church in Eden where Hecariël's father Ezegiel; one of An ruerim's bloodline and leader of Hura's refugees' resided.

~Ezegiel: "Lone, it has been such a long time.. i hope you dont mind we have taken home here"
~Lone: "Definately not, the world seems much different and not only to the eye.. but i thought Hura was safe from Janus.. what ..happened?"
Hecariël sat closer to lone, and held his arm in comfort..
~Ezegiel: "I see you two still feel the same"
~Lone: "Forgive me, is it true about Anis grav?"
Ezegiel turned his head to the church's ceiling where a grand painting dorned showing the history of Edin..
"There used to be great demons on this world in ancient times were they not"
Lone nodded slightly..
~Ezegiel: "We have come here not to escape Anis his judgement, he came here before us"
Lone couldn't shrug this off and interrupted Ezegiel.. "So he does search for the garden of infinity.. He does aim to find Janus.. but why"
Ezegiel shook his head "Anis grav would never find him on Hura, but he has found a man who can"
~Lone: "What?!"
~Ezegiel: "Not long ago there was a great fire in the north, it ravaged the land.. we have even lost contact with the rest, and suspect *Odyses may need our aid in the north..(*one of the most powerful buisinessmen under An ruerim)
However there is no way to reach him with both Anis grav and his ..friend.. killing everyone in sight..
~Lone: "Who is this man... what is his motive"
Ezegiel looked at hecariël "I want you two to approach their last known proximity from the mountains, do not get spotted" Then looked back to Lone.. "I too wish to know."
"After that, i believe we need to regain contact with Odyses before anything else"

Lone nodded oncemore.. "I have to agree, Anis grav alone is to dangerous,.. "

And so Lone and Hecariël now together setted off toward the mountain path, intending to eavesdrop on Anis grav and his new 'friend.
Whatever happened, Lone could not risk Anis grav ever finding out Janus's location.

07> No more practice.
(Lone takes Hecariël with him to eavesdrop on Anis grav, however Anis grav is spotted meeting with a mystery man called Aenimcea, Lone learns of Aenimcea's plan to destroy the barriers between all dimensions using the God-Denimus he has found in Emper.)

Hecariël and Lone had taken position in a crevice on lower mount kenai, Ezegiel had been right.. below in a corner meadow hidden from the main farsight a camp had been built with its fire still burning.
Without a doubt whoever had taken position here, did not want to be bothered by the Hura refugee's in the area.
"What if Odyses could not contact us because of them" Worried Hecariël arcing slightly toward Lone. "Do you think he could have.. been killed?"

Lone shook his head.. "Its no more than two.. maybe three men" "You can see it by the size of the tent" "Odyses was a man of power, he would not allow himself to be fragile.. he will have guards.. three men wont get to him"
He had to be right, the tent did seem to small for a large group...

Suddenly two figures moved toward the meadow from the mountain path, Hecariël and Lone could but hide behind the rocks just in time.
"th..those arent our people" whispered Hecariël, "one of them didn't even look like..."

"ARE YOU PRESENT?" One of the figures called out toward the tent down below..
Emediately it was answered by another figure that came out of the tent to welcome.

"Thats not him" whispered Lone unhesitated "but i know that man aswell, ive seen him before in Hura"
"Really?" Hecariël whispered back.. "What do you think he's doing here"

Below, finally the second figure that had come from the mountain path showed itself properly.. it was definately a machine..
"Keep it outside" emitted a voice from the tent, admonishing said machine.

The other figure now came into better view aswell, his hair glistened like dark gold, his skin seemed to be as hot as a smithery.
"COME OUT" said he, refusing to enter the tent himself.

Then as Lone had expected he finally showed himself, it was without a single doubt..

Anis grav.  He had the same posture, and the same clothing.. the only thing different about him was him wearing a EV-helmet for reasons unknown, but his face was visible even still.
Behind Anis appeared another figure, just as doubtless.. the dark warden of the underworld gate 'Sasariël"
How.. how could both of them have survived, and why where they on Edin, surely it was a waste of time to look for Janus's prison here.

"Its not like i have a choice" hissed Anis toward the steaming figure.. "I need you"

The hot skinned figure seemed uninpressed, perhaps he did not feel the same.. but calmly answerred.
"There are two unearthed locations of wich one has been lost, the other is where i obviously personally head, i care not a bit about your master but it is the only road directly to him"

Lone could not believe his ears.. A road directly to Janus? Did he actually mean that?

"But" The hotskin continued. "Whatever ruined the first location, may ruin the second.. i need the assurance that wont happen, i need anything that can intervene to be kept at bay"

Anis nodded. "I will lay waste to everything in the area if that ensures my share"

Lone had heard enough, there was no time.. he had to hurry back to Ezegiel and share what they had learned.
Somehow Anis grav had found a way in this new associate of his to find Janus, and they had made an alliance to manifest it.
But what about the other man he had seen before in Hura?, the monk. ..his name.. was Sam somam.


08> Here we burned cold. (Hecariël has dissapeared after reporting back to Ezegiel, Then Ezegiels church is burned to the ground by Aenimcea and Curu behi. Lone barely escapes. Now on his own Lone decides to search for his old comrades (TTCHG) for help.)

Lone had only just returned to Ter amok's church where Ezegiel was waiting for news, Hecariël had gone ahead a few minutes.
However Lone would find the church completely deserted.

'This wasnt the plan' Lone thought to himself looking for signs of life, even Hecariël was nowhere to be found.

The air seemed to get thicker, by now Lone was sweating still checking the upper corridor of the church.. what was going on..
His feet started to sink into the wooden floor almost every step, there was something going on downstairs..

Back at the stairs it was clear, the church was on fire.. quickly Lone kicked in the back door and walked around the crumbling building to halt just in time.
Past the corner stood the mechanical figure Lone had seen before on the meadow.

Up close he could now discern it to be feminine..even though bald, out of its chest arced two axe like blades.. it was a walking bear trap..
Then his observations were halted as Lone heard a voice he recogniced as the Hot skinned man..

"He would have overlooked this town, and this...local leader" "but i did not" he admitted. "He is so careless, ..while useful still"

'they must be talking about Ezegiel" knew lone.. 'they killed him..?"

"w.h.a.t  a.b.o.u.t  t.h.e.  ...f.r.i.e.n.d." commented the mechanical figure stuttering.

For a moment lone held his breath fearing that hecariël..had...

"Behi, do not concern yourself with him anymore, he will too be useful soon enough" The hotskin replied whilst walking off..

'What friend' Lone pondered 'The monk?" ..
There was no trace of Hecariël anywhere..gladly,..and in the church ..no.. not possible either, he had looked everywhere..
'The hotskin has not harmed her.." .."Perhaps she escaped before i got here, perhaps she traveled to her kin in the north"

And thus Lone hurried himself out of Ter amok.
 Looking back from its edges more and more signs of fire rose into the sky, he had gotten out just in time.
Only the desert of Owls before him, but the times had changed it into a swamp.. and he had to find a sign of life in it.. ..Hecariëls.


09> Bigger than us. (Lone locates Odyses and meets with him, then is directed to the most northern range of the map to find Hecariël)

It had taken him but three days in the swamp, now finally.. exhausted Lone threaded upon a building drenched in gold alike a holy treasure at the depths of the sea.
On the inexpensive plate above the gate dorned the words "Alae a fortuna" and underneath it between the doors of entrance stood a statue that Lone could emediately recognice as Odysis.
He had found the one he had been looking for, the other survivors of An ruerim's fall from power.
Only just inside he was emediately greeted by Odysis in person who also had noticed a old friend in Lone.

"See, how luck reunites us all" He said in embrace laughing.

"What is this place, how can this building exist in the swamp Odysis" queried Lone..
"This is a sanctuary not for those who seek luck, but those who have it, this is for the wealthy and the skillful..those bigger than the ordinary.. A safe haven for those who have traveled to deserve it"
Odysis replied..

Lone thought of these words as odd at the least, but Odysis never was a man who remained on soil, he was the most powerful celestial next to An ruerim and Uriel Boriel themselves.
A entity that covered buisiness and diplomacy all over the new Hura.  .. However this place stood out, its interior was gigantic and tremendously decorated with the most rare metals.
Then on top it was suited to host hundreds if not thousands as it had level upon level with rooms deeper and deeper down. Had Odysis built this to settle?.. was he not even looking for his kin himself?
He had to ask..

"Were you aware of Ezegiel's faction, did you have contact with them at all? Lone could not help but ask.
Odysis grew a much worried look on his face and put his arm around Lone to comfort.
"ah... yes.. i believe so, how do they fare, are they well?"
"No.. they arent..i thought they were here.." was Lone's response slightly stuttered..as his breathing felt cut short in worry..
"They talked nothing but about meeting up with you, they had to have come here"

Odysis sighed.. "I told you only this place is for the lucky, although..."

"Although?" ~Lone wondered..

"Although i did hear word about one of our kind in the north, a girl.. but the north is now frozen"...Odysis explained "It is to cold to survive for our kin"


She had to have missed this place.. it had to be her.. Hecariël...

Lone turned around back to the entrance..
"Odysis, i will find her.. thank you"

There was little time, the north was frozen, and no celestial ever knew such temperatures.

As Lone left the golden hold.. Odysis smiled.



10> Prepared to the end. (Lone is ambushed by Curu behi but suddenly an old friend joins the fight and they shut Curu behi down, forgood)


The north Odysis said, he said it would be frozen.. but this was no snow.. this was ash.. regardless of the chilly temperature.. so this fire had burned long ago..
Lone remembered Ezegiel's words of the great fire in the north, had Odysis lied to him? But why....
Underneath the endless heaps of white ash Lone attempted to touch for bodies..but could only feel rubble.. untill amongst the rubble rose a thing he had seen before..
It was the creature he had seen before together with the hotskinned man.

"T..a.r.g.e.t.....f.o.u.n.d." the robotic voice rattled as its mechanisms stood itself up..

"W..what, Lone coughed waving the ashes away from him' "why would you be programmed against me.."

"P..r.o..t.o.c.ol.. 21.." The apparatus replied. "E.l.i.m.i.n.a.t.e... ..o.b.j.e.c.t.i.n.g...l.i.f.e.f..o..r.m.. n..6..5...5..6.. , m..u..s.t... n..o.t ...a..l.l.o.w..."

"Allow what??!, lone coughed trying to reason with the machine to gain information"

The robotic creature continued as it started to arm itself.. "u..n..i..t.. ..c..u..r..u.    b..e..h.i...    P..r.o..t.o.c.ol.. 29..79...." "D..e..n..i..m..u..s....o..n ...t..h..e. d..a..y... i..t.s..... n..i..g..h..t..." "p..r.e..v.e..n.t.., o..b..s.t.a..c..l..e..s."

The day its night? What could that mean, did this have to do with what Ezegiel had said about the alliance between Anis grav and the hotskinned man.. could they be plotting to use the last Denimus device..
But surely not merely to find Janus, the hotskinned man must have had a different reason if he programmed a machine to hunt down all opposition..

"e..x..e.c..u.t..i.n..g...  e.l..i.m.i.n..a.t.i.o.n... o..f..  o..b..j..e.c.t.i..n.g. .l i...f..e.f..o.rm.." the robotic creature emitted once more as it dragged its now noticable partially broken legs toward Lone..

But as thunderstruck Lone stood paralysed as a shadow moved from behind him and with a massive cut severed the robotic creatures head, then gracefully moved to plant its sword in the creatures chest.
"Apparently one survived, sorry about that" The figure clothed in black rags said casually as he turned toward lone, but they both now stood paralysed as they gazed into eachothers eyes..

"I..cant.. believe what im seeing, is that really you" Lone spoke trembling.. "How are you still alive..after all this time"
"Likewise" Said the shadowy figure as he came closer. "I thought you... disappeared.. that day.."

"Sidel.." Lone whispered under his breath.. "I was .... i did.. the Denimus.. they brought me to Hura.." "I didnt know how to get back, but its been hundreds of years, it was another time.., the Denimus.. it distorted the timezone.."
"What happened to you.."

Sidel sat down beside the robot he had shutted down.. and explained..
"My father, he blamed me for everything that happened, even the war between Evrae kseres and ..Eden.., and its true.. i told him i would commit my own banishment as penance"
"I .. used the Denimus to .. disappear.." "If it had not been for me.."

"What are you talking about " Interrupted Lone.. "It wasnt you.. you could not have prevented the Denimus, or understood it.. It goes back way more than that, i learned that on Hura..
It was never in the hands of Edin, it was never in the hands of us.., we were overwhelmed.. "

"But ive changed" Sidel replied.. "It is to late, if i had not left Trine..in the first place.. i would not have the guilt of the deaths of its hope.."
"Yes ive changed, in Hybernaculuum" "theres no way back"

"But theres a way forward" insisted Lone.. "Afterall you're here.. and what for?"

Sidel looked up and slightly smiled as the feeling of hope returned in his eyes.. "Now that i met you again, i believe there is a way forward yes..
The reason i was here.. is because there is another of us that must have survived the wearing of time.. and i wanted to find him"

"Evrae kseres" Sidel and lone called out in unison.

And so they setted out together in search of Evrae, but what of Hecariël.. and why did Odysis lie to Lone about the north at all, had Odysis known about the hotskinned man's robot?
Was it treason?


Posted by Calamaistr - January 19th, 2017

Uploading Astraea OST.

If all goes well in the real lifes from now on, because ive been through a VERY tough time.. i might get busy again with projects. Lets pray.


p.s. Im still no longer hireable from my newgrounds position sorry, only taking projects from trusted clients and people who's project interest me. So please dont send me any project requests, not even if you're a so called big fish in the buisiness. I have no interest in it. -Cal.

Posted by Calamaistr - October 10th, 2015

Sorry to say this but i have retired my hireabillity as videogame music composer for newgrounds projects due to both personal reasons and experience in the scene, i have no hard feelings nor regrets but its just too stressful a trade for me to continue.

I therefor shall no longer accept any clients, newgrounds licences still stands, however do please send me a message when you want to use a specific piece both so i know, its respectful to ask' and some tracks are off limits (if they are i tend to set them to 'may not be used by anyone' as the newgrounds option grants' but this option wasnt always there and i cant be arsed to edit every single ost track ive uploaded.

In the near future ill be uploading some finished works ive made in my final period but some are a bit unrefined. Then again i dont upload it to get anything out of it as i never had that ambition. The only reason i ever went into buisiness with my music was because i felt my work needed larger worlds to see their potential.. a bit as how i always created stories around it myself, i wanted to see them in living enviroments. Thats all.

Now what remains of my music here is just a phase of my life where i translated parts of myself or often just served as a catalyst for some sort of universal logic, wouldnt have it any other way. Thanks for listening.


Edit: there might actually be something in the future for a client who's making a game for ps4 atm, i already got the aye for making the ost but have only started some tryouts so far in FLstsudio to find the right sound.

Edit: Got 4 tracks done for the OST for a new ps4/steam etc game, 9 to go. :)


Posted by Calamaistr - October 6th, 2015

So, now that im done with uploading practically the complete OST for Spaceport hope, i can continue with EGEO II.

Something i have put in the fridge since, i also had not written the story further but have sat down today to create the plot (its a bit like building a puzzle, and the space inbetween will be filled with discord to the reader to elude them from it untill it is given away. (take notes if youre a starting writer there, ;) )

Here is a decent prologue i have written to a youtube video in wich i recorded the process of inspiration pre-composing a new piece in this case for EGEO II and with it the video.


EGEO II, as it sounds is the sequel to EGEO, a dark medieval story about guilds and giants (you can read it along the music on newgrounds), this second edition is about Almes, a veteran knight with a depression who walks the city.. constantly tailed by a streetkid that once tried to pickpocket him called 'Tertiar, at the same time murders happen in the city and a comissioner is sent to find the killer that has been dubbed "the medal killer". Sent by the city's council (namely Miror acer, read EGEO I to understand) the Comissioner named Pare is overzealous in trying to catch the killer, resorting even to having Almes assist him.. But is he right? The council thinks not, as chaos ensues and a child (Tertiar) goes missing the council retracts his position and sends an envoy to relieve him of it; Miror acer agent "rosara", who has volunteered. However her motives seem to be shady.

Who is the medal killer, could it have been Tertiar the streetkid?
could it have been Almes the vagabond with a dark past suffering in solitude?  Could it be Rosara the miror acer agent who seems a bit too keen in her volunteering? Could it have been comissioner Pare who overzealously made a mess in the city? Could it have been miror acer itself?   This, you will learn in EGEO II.




It is in dutch because im tired of speaking english, probably wont ever record myself in english again.

Dw, ill still write in english.



Posted by Calamaistr - September 19th, 2015

Some of you youngsters and oldsters might have noticed already that Spaceport hope is now on steam.


Seeing as i am the OST - creator for that game i have began to upload the music to newgrounds, this will take quite a while since theres a fair amount of music in that game.

I have gone out of my comfort zone with the style of this album, its not 8bit, its not even hybrid or counterpoint (atleast not as its core) Alot of the music was created by simplicity from actual guitar play combined with alot of thematical atmosphere respective to each area it was composed for, combined with a whiff of melodical perpetuum.

Atleast thats what it feels like, these tracks built themselves as i touched them.

Thank you for your interest and feel free to ask me anything.




00 - Satielite (map):


00 - Silence (title):


01 - Gems and games (mines):


02 - Caterpillar (yierra town):


03 - Veneration station (council):


04 - Shot in space (drug factory):


05 - Bad world requiem (pyramid):


06 - Bad remains (pyramid interior):


07 - Fresh air (urwald):


08 - Olive and ochre (skyland):


09 - Rad atta (SH prison):


10 - a Primal soul (coral farm):


11 - im afraid of the moon (underwater):


12 - Suburb slimies (slums outskirts):


13 - Bauch to the dogs (slums):


14 - Im the hero (subboss):


15 - On the shoulders of giants (snowy mountain)


16 - Trip on entre (thiefs)


17 - A character in the worlds torrent (underwater castle)


18 - Step right up radio (store)


19 - Penny in a bottle (subway)


20 - Hazel soot (desert)


21 - Bones of the sarcosuchus (desert 2)


22 - Coleopt froth (burrow)


23 - Echo of a space ghost (ship derelict)


24 - Pink meadow (prelude/tutorial)


25 - Promise power (power plant)


26 - Air force one (cargo)


27 - Angelic flagship (spaceport hope)


28 - Illusion of inadequacy (final boss)


29 - The loudest sound (credits)



Thanks for listening. -cal